The Aftermath And The Final Weighing Walkthrough – Assassin’s Creed Origins

In the last Quest: The Battle Of The Nile, Bayek and Aya found a conspiracy behind all the battles they fought. In this main quest, Aftermath Bayek heads to the vault which is a short mission, wreaked by his best friend’s death he decides to assassinate his next target The Lion – Flavius in next chapter The Final Weighing.

The Aftermath Walkthrough - Assassin's Creed Origins

Main Quest The Aftermath Walkthrough: Reward 6000XP

Reach the Tomb of Alexander the Great


Aftermath is a short mission, talk to Aya and then go the Tomb of Alexander the Great. As Bayek is declared as the killer of Ptolemy, guards will attack you instantly as they see you. So it is better to go slow if you want to avoid fights. Fighting the soldiers in your path will also grant you XP that will eventually level up your character. once you enter the tomb you will find Aya there, defend Apollodorus in the tomb. After the cutscene you will get the identity of The Lion – Flavius.

Main Quest The Final Weighing Walkthrough: Reward 3000XP

Reach Vault


After the death of Apollodorus, you have to go to Siwa where you will face the Lion – Flavius. He is the boss at the end of this mission. As the quest begins, ride to the vault, your path will be blocked by horse riding soldiers. Avoid ambushing them, use arrows from a distance to get a headshot. This will save your time. before entering into the vault, survey the area, there are Level 31 guards around. Aya will assist you but you have to be quicker in shooting arrows. As you enter you will have to face more guards inside, the next marker will take you to the basement area that will lead to the Vault.


You will see a shining globe, reach near for a cutscene. Next carry Hepzefa’s body outside the vault, for another cutscene. Once done talk to Rabiah, the old women, she will give you a sword. Next talk to Aya and then go to Kyrenaika.

Travel to Kyrenaika


As you reach the farm, you will see the villagers are being slaughtered but stopped by a woman. Use the Eagle vision to search for survivors who are hiding the village buildings. For rescuing the survivors you will have to kill the guards in the area, these are Level 33 and Level 32 enemies. After killing them enter the house and go up, in the gallery you will find old women that will trigger a cutscene.

Escort Praxilla and Nenet to the cart

This is a short objective where you have to just walk towards the cart ahead, after which you will receive a new location to find Flavius, Cyrene.

Find Flavius

This quest requires Level 35, as the cutscene over’s you will see two more side quest Play with Fire a Level 33 quest and One Bad Apple a Level 35 Quest. You can play this upgrade your character level before facing the boss fight Flavius. If you plan to play the side quest for level then check at the end of this main quest for info on them. Next, you have to travel to Agora in Cyrene, there you will find Diocles, talk to him, once done you have to find and assassinate Flavius.


Diocles will give you the location of Flavius is Acropolis, this tomb is heavily guarded with very strong captains. You will mostly face captains in this part instead of guards. These captains Level are 37, 34, 34, etc. Try to survey the area properly, and this will be a tough fight, so you have to be preparing well for this, try to reach at least Level 33 if you don’t want to die frequently. But if you can go higher by playing the side quest then it will also be best. You can pick the way you want to enter, by going from the place where lower level guards are available is best. From the right end of the main tomb, it is always good to avoid raising any alert and directly heading to the marker, you can hide inside the flowers in the area.


Once enter the tomb you will see a cutscene, and then the fight begins. Flavius at the begin can disappear and attack you from any side, do look around and keep running if you want to dodge his attack. He will transform into 3 enemies which will attack you from all corners. In order to survive this attack, shoot them with arrows on the head. Flavius will disappear once again and appear at the corner of the tomb, attack him. Before he uses his globe to disappear you have to chance to perform some headshots. He will summon the dead members of Orders of Ancient and you will have to defeat them all one by one. Flavius sphere attack is pretty hard to tackle if you are near to him, keep hitting him whenever you have a chance. As his health is minimum he will keep on disappearing from one place to another. Once Flavius is dead, the quest is completed.

Side Quest Playing with Fire Walkthrough: Reward 2250XP


A Level 33 side quest, as you track this quest you have to find and rescue Kade from the Kyrenaika Citadel. The target location fortress is guarded, use the Eagle to track all the targets in the area. Then you can use Animus pulse to have the exact locations of enemies moving around. After having the target location, you can begin infiltration. New location discovery Kyrenaika Roman Citadel will grant you 25XP. The guard on the entrance can be killed with one arrow by a headshot.


The one on the wooden towers can raise an alert causing a problem for you, you have to climb up and sneak from behind and kill them in stealth mode. Avoid using arrows if you are not getting a clear shot. You have to reach the next target point, which is a prison, you will find Kade in it. Next, help all the other prisoners, and escort Kade out of the prison area. You will have to fight a lot of soldiers if you raise an alert. After this objective, you have to talk to Vitruvius the Engineer at the Aqueduct, as you reach the point there will be a cutscene. Next, you will have to find Dedi, use the Eagle and look on the left side of the wooden structure. Dedi will run away, follow him.


Head to the next marker to locate the Dioptra pieces, you reach a mountain area, with three locations, use the Eagle to properly marked items. You will have to enter into a cave. Keep following the markers, and you will have to fight with bandits also, this place is Necropolis Hideout. Use Animus Pulse as you near to the target, and you will find them one by one. The second will be on another cave, you have to climb up. For the last one go further up and you will find a place with pillars. The last one will be in grass, once you get all the parts, go back to the Engineer. This completes the quest.

So here we end this part where after assassinating Flavius you can head to your next target. You can read our walkthrough on the next Quest: Last of the Medjay or you can also read our Assassin’s Creed Origins Wiki guide for more tips and updates on the game.