Age of Titan: Proficient City Complete Cheats and Tips Guide

Age of Titan: Proficient City is an RPG developed specially for the iOS and Android devices. It can be easily downloaded from online stores.

Age of Titan: Proficient City

Here is a Complete Cheats and Tips Guide


None of the games ever made are entirely perfect, you need to get a few patches to increase the performance and stability of it. Age of Titan reward you for downloading these Hotfixes, but be sure that you use a Wifi connection which will enable faster downloads and also your mobile data plan will not make you fume.


If you see some flashes on the icon on the main menu screen, be sure you open it. There must be rewards waiting for you that you can claim. Recharge Pack icon will flash even if there are no rewards waiting for you.


Things will be smother if you use the Auto-pilot button, which will help you automatically proceed in the story. Also if you want to know the best attacks, press the “AFK” button and the game will automatically select the best attacks and special moves for you.

Smart Gameplay

In order to get more coins, build high walls and increase the troops in the barracks, if you increase the level it will benifit your troops and they can work more efficiently, also pick up more Daru .

Quick Rewards

If you need more rewards and easy game, play the stages that you have already completed. It is the easiest way to collect more rewards and free equipments. Also complete pending quests for higher rewards.

Better Equipments

Do not forget to use the blacksmith to enhance your equipments. If you use rare equipments you will be able to enhance them better. New ones can be gained through completing quests. Better equipments means improved battle party.