Aliens Versus Predator 2: Primal Hunt Cheats Codes


Are you an expert in Aliens versus Predator 2: Primal Hunt? Do you know all your tricks, strategies and secrets? Here i’m sharing some tricks and cheats codes, you are most welcome to contribute in it. Aliens vs Predator 2 : Primal Hunt Expansion to the previous award winning mutiplayer game “Aliens vs Predator 2” gives you really different experience and takes you back fully new Predator ruins on a search to get a mysterious artifact which has the legendary power.

During gameplay, press “Enter“, typing the word (without the quotation marks), followed by a space, and the enter the command and press “Enter” to execute the command. Enter the commands as follows, read the descriptions of command written in front of them before executing them :

  • <cheat> mpschuckit: All weapons and ammunition.
  • <cheat> mpmorph: Change type of character.
  • <cheat> mpbunker: Unlimited Ammo.
  • <cheat> mpicu: Third person mode.
  • <cheat> mpbeamme: Teleport to the beginning of the level
    with the default settings.
  • <cheat> mptachometer: Show speed.
  • <cheat> mpsizeme: Show size.
  • <cheat> mpgps: Show information of the position.
  • <cheat> mpdoctordoctor: Setting life to the desired number.
  • <cheat> mpgrs: Show rotation.
  • <cheat> mpsixthsense: Way through walls.
  • <cheat> mpxfiles: Select level for all species.
  • <cheat> mpcanthurtme: So invincible.
  • <cheat> mpsmithy: Armor Full.
  • <cheat> mpstockpile: Ammunition Full.