Aliens vs Predator Multiplayer Modes Details

Want to known about Aliens vs Preadator Multiplayer Mode in detail, read the following description which will give detail information about all the seven multiplayer mode of Aliens vs Predator.

Death Match :
The first multiplayer mode of Alien vs Predator is Death Match, In this mode of Aliens vs Predator, Gamers has been bound by a time limit in which they have do as many killing as they can.

Infestation : Second multiplayer mode of Alien vs predator is Infestation, gamers play a role of Alien hunter who has been assign a task of hunting the marine prey. Completing this task they will join team of hunter for hunting the remaining prey.

Mixed Species Death Match : Third multiplayer mode is Mixed Species Death March, identical to Death March with some modification. This mode will have two teams of gamers battling to do as many killing as they can in a stipulated time frame.

Surviour Mode:
Fourth mode is Surviour mode, In this Aliens vs Predator mode, maximum of four gamers will battle with the strongest and dangerous aliens

Predator Hunt:
Fifth mode of Aliens vs Predator is Predator hunt, this mode is a battle between two gamers in which one play a role of predator hunter whereas the other play a marine prey.

Species Death Match:
Aliens vs Predator sixth mode is Species Death March, the difference between Mixed Species Death March and Species Death March is that gamers in this mode is battle against each other rather than teaming with each other.

Domination Mode : Seventh mode of Alien vs Predator is Domination mode were two teams battle against each other for their domination by gathering 100 control points. First team to gather 100 control points will this mode and dominate.

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