All legendary cards in Clash Royale, ranked

Playing legendary cards at the right time is key.

Legendary cards in Clash Royale vary wildly, from support to high damage. When used at the right time, a legendary spell or unit can garner win after win. Entire decks are built around legendary cards, giving you an idea of how powerful they can be. With that said, you can’t throw every card and expect to win.

With 17 legendary cards to choose from, we took the liberty of ranking each one based on a combination of skill, utility, damage, and versatility—not in that order. For example, Ice Wizard ranks higher on our list, not because of his damage, but due to his invaluable utility. A legendary unit that deals a lot of damage, but is easily countered would rank lower on our list. With that out of the way, let’s start with the worst of the best.

17. Princess

Prince is one of the first legendary cards to be released, but that hasn’t awarded her any immunity. On the surface, she sounds great: slow, but long-range attack, mops up swarms efficiently, and can even out-range buildings. Firecracker, a lowly common card, does that, but better.

16. Ram Rider

Ram Rider is about as straightforward as you can get with a legendary card. She’ll toss a snare here and there, perhaps damage a group of troops but more importantly, deal massive damage to towers when her trusty ram collides with one. Since Ram Rider’s mechanics are simple, she rarely sees upper skill level play—even less so with recent nerfs.

15. Royal Ghost

Royal Ghost isn’t a very versatile card, and often gets outshined by other legendary cards that will do his job, but better. His ability to turn invisible and show up out of nowhere is awesome. There’s nothing better than watching your opponent panic immediately when he appears near a tower. What holds him back, however, is his excruciatingly slow attack speed. Toss a mini-tank at him and he’s finished.

14. Fisherman

Fisherman used to be a well-received legendary card, top several charts without breaking a sweat. Because of his overall power and unique mechanic with his hook and fish slap, Fisherman was seeing too much play. All good things must come to an end. You’ll still see him in Royal Hog decks, hanging out with Valkyrie, but he hasn’t quite recovered from his nerfs.

13. Electro Wizard

The Electro Wizard is a solid card for dealing with small swarms thanks to Zap, which can target two mobs at once. If used on a single target, it deals double damage. And in addition to damage, his forked stun can be a boon when facing an Inferno Dragon. Electro Wizard’s strength is also his weakness, unfortunately. Should a swarm be too big for him to handle, he’s easily defeated. Electro Wizard would be higher on this list if not for the fact that Electro Dragon often replaces him.

12. Lumberjack

Played at the right time, Lumberjack could put you in the lead. For starters, Lumberjack feels comfortable in a wide range of decks. Part of his charm are the mechanics involved: raw damage, which is coupled with speed. Such a combination is great for shredding towers and tanks alike. And should he fall, he’ll drop a bottle of Rage, providing a boost of damage to nearby troops.

11. Sparky

When left untouched, Sparky can deal devastating area damage every four seconds. Any competent player, however, will focus Sparky. And when she’s focused, she’s relatively easy to take down. To make matters worse, any kind of electrical-based attack will cause her to short-circuit and restart her power blast. In the right hands, and played at the right time, Sparky can deal massive damage in small areas. But once deployed, you’ll need to put in extra effort to keep her safe.

10. Inferno Dragon

Tanks can be problematic in Clash Royale, but Inferno Dragon has the cure. His Inferno Blast absolutely melts tanks and towers, if you deploy him close enough. Inferno Dragon can take quite a few hits, but being pestered only prevents him from reaching maximum potential—especially if that pest is an Electro Wizard. Pair him with a Baby Dragon or Giant. And never summon Inferno Dragon too far from his target; otherwise, your opponent can keep him distracted by circling the field.

9. Mega Knight

Mega Knight has always been a fan-favorite, even after his nerfs. He isn’t what he used to be, but still sees plenty of play in the lower ladders—especially against Elixir Golems and Wallbreakers, two dominating cards in the meta, which is why he’s higher on the list. Mega Knight is all about dishing massive splash damage, but at the cost of very slow attack speed. Any high-mobility, high-damage unit can kite him, so long as they can avoid his jump or else they’ll get a morning star to the face.

8. Ice Wizard

Ice Wizard does abysmal damage, not even enough to kill a lowly goblin. He’s higher on this list for a different reason: Ice Wizard’s support skills are excellent. All alone, Ice Wizard will quickly fall, but his ability to slow enemies makes it easier for high damage troops to mop up for him. Why do the work when someone else will? An amazing combo is using Tornado to round up troops, then have Ice Wizard cast slow on said group of enemies.

7. Bandit

Sic your Bandit on ranged units, and watch them drop like flies. Bandit’s strengths greatly outweigh her weaknesses, making her one of the best cards in Clash Royale. Her Dash ability is already great, allowing her to quickly move from one target to another. The best part, however, is her invulnerability while dashing. With such a combination, Bandit bypasses initial damage, then counters with his own high damage output. Without it, she’s squishy, but will still take a few hits before going down.

6. Lava Hound

Lava Hound’s unique mechanic is what puts her so high on our list. To benefit from Lava Hound’s strengths, she needs flying support cards. Once supported, her high hit points, but low damage, give her enough to pick off buildings. When she dies, however, Lava Hound splits into six tiny Lava Pups. They don’t have as large of a healthpool than the original Lava Hound, but their damage gets a huge boost, allowing the group to easily swarm and overwhelm your target.

5. Night Witch

It’s amazing what a simple buff can do. In the case of Night Witch, her and those pesky bats she spawned were hardly a problem. Then she started spawning bats after she died. With one simple decision, Night Witch was boosted into stardom. Her strength is similar to Lava Hound, capable of swarming units and towers. Dealing with Night Witch properly requires splash damage.

4. The Log

Simple, yet effective, the Log does what a log does: it rolls, crushes, and knocks back. The Log doubles as a defensive and offensive tool, depending on the situation. For a defensive play, the Log can knock back pesky ground units; an offensive play requires grouping ground units and letting the Log do its job.

3. Magic Archer

Magic Archer’s strength can only be witnessed when played right, due to how difficult it is to use him. He’s the definition of risk versus reward. To begin, Magic Archer needs to be properly placed. His positioning changes based on your opponent. When used correctly, his long range arrows not only travel far beyond his limit, but pierce targets as well. Like the Ice Wizard, pairing him with Tornado is a devastating combo—especially against Graveyard.

2. Graveyard

Graveyard excels at swarming targets. By spawning an army of skeletons anywhere in the Arena, Graveyard will have your opponent panicking to make a counterattack. On its own, Graveyard can win games for you, but a well-placed Lumberjack, Night Witch, or Log can quickly end your parade. For results, use Tornado to keep your opponent from swarming the graveyard, or a Giant to take aggro from towers.

1. Miner

If you want to play psychological warfare on your opponent, use Miner. As a mini-tank, Miner can take quite a few hits and deals solid damage. It’s nothing to write home about, but left uncontested, and Miner will wreck any single unit or building with ease. Why is he number one? Because of his uncanny ability to appear anywhere in the Arena. Sure, Graveyard can do that too, but costs more to cast and easily countered with a well-timed fireball.