All Hidden Secrets and Locations – Resident Evil 7: The Beginning Hours


Soon after the Sony’s E3 2016 Press Conference was over the players from all over the world started their exploration for the Playable demo for Resident Evil 7: The Beginning Hours. This demo is not going to be the part of the original game but players are still wandering at the Demo to find out all the secrets and the hidden unsolved mysteries to show some light. Here is the Article where we are going to show you all the secrets, ghost location and the hidden Mystery solving.

All Hidden Secrets and Locations

All Hidden Secrets and Locations

There are total 7 ghosts who will saw in different areas for the House, but it will spawn once per life. So you need to play at least 7 times to get all the locations. Similarly, you can find notes, phone calls, Mannequins that change over the time and finally the Mysterious Axe and Dummy Finger case which all are looking for. If you want to know about all the Ending then Click Here. So let’s check out all the secrets we can come across so far.

Secret Headphones

While playing in the video flashback you can go upstairs to find a pair of headphones on the table. This can be a hint that there are audio clues or some cases we can play to hear.

Attic Photograph

Once you head upstairs where you notice the phone ringing, check out on the left to find this Photograph. It’s a photograph of helicopter with Umbrella Corporation Logo on the side and on the back it’s written – ‘Are they watching us from the Helicopter?’

Strange Mannequins

Once you plug the Switch and make your way upstairs you see three Mannequins facing the wall but as soon as you move your camera back at them they will turn around and you also find a newly spawned Mannequin right at the stairs you came up from.

Breakable Mannequins

If you notice in the game only 3 Mannequins can be chopped off with the axe and the first one is the one which newly spawned upstairs, the second one is on the left of the Phone room and the last one is which falls while running out from the kitchen.

Changing Notes

When you start the game you find the Note saying – ‘I Shall Dash Them against the Stones’ and soon after you have watched the Video Playback the Note will change to ‘I Shall Dash You against the Stones’. The You is all written in Blood so it;s a little creepy.

Playing Piano

You can find a Piano in the same room where you start and when you try to play it not go as planned and it will close itself.

Ghost Girl

While Playing the Game have you noticed any unusual activity? The Ghost Girl will appear for a fraction of seconds and then disappears and this can only happen once per life so make sure you find all 7, yes the Ghost will appear 7 times in different location and here are all the location.

resident-evil-7-ghost-1.jpg resident-evil-7-ghost-2.jpg resident-evil-7-ghost-3.jpg resident-evil-7-ghost-4.jpg resident-evil-7-ghost-5.jpg resident-evil-7-ghost-6.jpg resident-evil-7-ghost-7.jpg

The Mysterious Dummy Finger

While walking towards the hallway you will find this Mysterious Finger inside the drawer. We are still finding how and where to use it in order to get access the third floor. Similarly, we have the Axe

The Mysterious Axe

While Playing in the Video Playback you need to find this Lockpick by the microwave in the kitchen and then open the locked drawer right behind you. The drawer will be empty back them, but as soon as you come back to reality the drawer will be open and has Axe in it. You currently use them to chop off the Mannequins do you have any other use?

This was all about the secrets we have come across so far in the game. If you have anything to share or solved the big Mystery already then do let us know in the comments below. Enjoy and Till then watch this new Video we found interesting or the Glitch or get up to the Third Floor.