All Kodama Locations And How to Get Kodama Blessings in Nioh


In the Nioh, you will find small green colored hidden creatures found in the Main missions, which can offer you blessings. The blessings provide an increase in Amrita, good weapons, different items and different bonuses. Collecting all the Kodama unlocks Kodama Leader Trophy. The following guide shows where to find Kodama in the game.

Kodama Locations

Where To Find Kodama in Nioh:

There are around 150 Kodama are found in the only Main missions of the game. You can find them on rooftops, behind crates, in the corners and all possible hidden places as they are well hidden. Kodama also can be tracked by using different abilities in the game. Once you find Kodama, speak to it and send to the nearby Shrine and activate Blessings. The Blessing of the Kodama varies.

List of the Kodama Blessings in Nioh:

  • Healer Blessing – Gives the Elixir Drop Rate Increases by 5% Per Level
  • Oracle Blessing – Gives the Amrita Collection Increases by 5% Per Level
  • Hunter Blessing – Gives the Item Drop Rate Increases by 5% Per Level
  • Swordsman Blessing – Gives the Weapon Drop Rate Increases by 1% Per Level
  • Warrior Blessing – Gives the Armor Drop Rate Increases by 1% Per Level

Locations of Kodama in Nioh:

Isle of Demons Kodama

  1. When you start, go to the hill until you come to a house, near the house behind a cart you will find the Kodama.
  2. When you come across the village with a large gate, on the side you will find a small opening, enter it to find this Kodama.
  3. Go to the burning area of the village to find a house near the water, climb up to the roof to find this Kodama.
  4. To find this Kodama, reach the game that leads to the beach, next to which there is the watchtower, you will find a house next to it and the Kodama is found on the roof top.
  5. This Kodama is found on the rocky ledge, near the wooden shed in the graveyard.
  6. You need to find this Kodama sitting on top of the ledge that is near by the path which leads to the coast of the Shrine
  7. This one can be found near the Cliffside, near the children’s status, near by the ledge.
  8. Once you reach the beach, head towards the ship then turn left from the ship and keep going until you find a Kodama in the shallow water.
  9. To find this Kodama, go to the Shrine and search the other side of the Shrine’s fence next to the tree. After unlocking of shortcut you will get it.

The Spirit Stone Slumbers Kodama

  1. When you are at the first Shrine, keep going straight and take left to find Kodama on the top of the fallen tree.
  2. When you come across a small Shrine, cross it then keeping going and take left from the intersection. Keep following right until you come across a house and the Kodama found behind the house, under the tree.
  3. This one can be found in behind the small house, where you have found the previous Kodama, stay close to the wall to spot this Kodama
  4. In order to find this one, go to the large door with Yokia then take left, once you cross the wooden fences, you will find the path that leads to the Shrine, at the end of the path you will find Kodama.
  5. Once you are done dealing with the boss, go through the Shrine in the next door to find Kodama near the box which controls the elevator.
  6. When you activate the bottom Shrine, take the left to reach the cave with the pots outside, when you there, look behind the rocks to find this Kodama.
  7. Where you found the previous Kodama, keep going direction and go down to the stairs from the large room, once down the stairs turn right and take left to reach the statue enemy next to which you will find this Kodama.
  8. From where you have found previous Kodama, go up the stairs, take left and go the stairs again. Keep going by sticking to right , when at the end turn left to find the room with set of stairs. Take right to reach the lit-up vines and go up the stairs, take right and then left then search behind the rubble to find this Kodama.