Legends of Speed codes in Roblox (September 2020)

All codes that can be redeemed in Legends of Speed in Roblox.

Legends of Speed wants to find the absolute fastest Roblox player on the internet. You can compete in races and find new trails to run along while also collecting pets and exploring new maps. Fans of the game will want to be on the lookout for the following codes to immediately unlock some free extra steps and gems to use in the game.

How to redeem a code

To redeem any of the below codes, find and click on the Twitter icon that says codes. Copy and paste any of the below codes to instantly get some free steps and gems.

Active codes

Seven codes can be redeemed in Legends of Speed as of this writing. The whole list is available below, along with what each code gets you. There are only codes that give extra steps and gems in the game.

Extra steps

  • hyper250: 250 steps
  • SPRINT250: 250 steps
  • racer300: 300 steps

Extra gems

  • launch200: 200 gems
  • sparkles300: 300 gems
  • legends500: 500 gems
  • speedchampion000: 5,000 gems

Inactive codes

As of August 2020, there are no inactive codes for Legends of Speed.