All Mystery/Weapon Box Location – CoD: Black Ops 3 Zombie Revelations

 All Mystery/Weapon Box Location – CoD: Black Ops 3 Zombie Revelations

In the final Salvation DLC Zombie Map of CoD Black Ops 3, Treyarch has yet again featured the Mystery Box or the Weapon Box the same way like previous installments. The Mystery Box is nothing but a narrow wooden box with a colored beam emitting from it into the sky. This guide will show where exactly to find all the Mystery Box and weapons in Revelations.

All Mystery/Weapon Box Location

All Mystery/Weapon Box Location

The Mystery Box can be found on various things in different levels like – cement Bricks, metal containers and so on. Once you find and open the box you need 950 points to open and a small music will play. If you see the Teddy bear rolling that means the current Box is been used up and teleport to different spawn location. Here are the Locations where you will find the Mystery Box:


  • Excavation Site
  • Generator 3 Area
  • Right next Spawn Area

Der Eisendrache

  • Inside the Room with four statues near the Order of the Keepers Symbol

Kino Der Toten

  • On Stage

Nacht Der Untoten

  • Original Location

Mob of the Dead

  • Inside Cafeteria just opposite the door that led to the infirmary


  • Inside the room with Power switch

All Weapons from Mystery Box in Revelation

There are 28 different weapons you can find in the Mystery Box and check out the Video to see how each weapon works.

  • SVG-100
  • Rift E9
  • Locus
  • Drakon
  • Sheiva
  • Man-O-War
  • ICR-1
  • M8A7
  • HVK-30
  • Peacekeeper MK2
  • Argus
  • 205 Brecci
  • Haymaker 12
  • Banshii
  • Dingo
  • BRM
  • Gorgon
  • 48 Dredge
  • Pharo
  • Weevil
  • VMP
  • M1927
  • XM-53
  • Ray Gun
  • Thundergun
  • Apothicon Servant
  • Li’l Arnie
  • Ragnarok DG-4