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Shelob Memories is one of the collectibles in Middle Earth: Shadow Of War. There are total 2 regions from where you can collect Shelob Memories: one Minas Ithil and the other is Cirith Ungol. Each region has got 3 Shelob Memories to collect, and if you manage to collect all three of them then you will have a skill point. The Plus point of collecting all the memories is that you will unlock the Cluster Of Spiders Skill upgrade. We have mentioned below complete information on Shelob Memories And Where To Find Them, and solution to the puzzle associated with them. While solving the puzzle keep this in mind that you will have to constantly rotate the image to align until the controller doesn’t vibrate. So with no further delay, let’s start our Shelob Memories Locations guide.

Shelob Memories

Shelob Memories Location

All Shelob Memories In Minas Ithil

1 – Darkness Calls

Darkness Calls Minas Ithil Shelob Memories location

Location: Darkness calls is located in the Northern part of the Map. After that you have found the Haedir, mark the Shelob Memory on the map and then follow the Marker to get to its location.

Darkness Calls Minas Ithil Shelob Memories

How to Solve: As you get o the location you will have to solve a small puzzle. The spider will hang from the top and will be covered with broken pieces of the image. Rotate around the cluster until you can see the proper image from the broken pieces.

Darkness Calls

The Perfect alignment: Turn the scattered pieces of images until you can have the spider’s front leg seen and then align to see the Shelob’s image. There you go with you First Memory.

In-Game Memory words

“I lived in the light for many years. Naked to the sun. But it is not to be my fate. Like my mother before me, I devour the light. It feeds a hunger that is insatiable. But I came from darkness and I shall always return to it. The caves will be my Home.”

2 – The Web Itself

The Web Itself Minas Ithil Shelob Memories Location

Location: Now that you have purified the Northern Haedir, the location for the next memory is at the Colosseum.

The Web Itself Minas Ithil Shelob Memories The Web Itself Minas Ithil Shelob Memories 1

How to Reach: For The Web Itself memory, make a jump from the tower to the Colosseum’s outer wall and then make your way to the marker by running around the Web Of Fate. Once you are closer to the marker. Get to the bottom and then enter the tunnel, to get the memory.

How to solve: For this, you will have to follow the same process like you did for the earlier puzzle, by rotating the broken pieces of the image.

The Web Itself

The Perfect alignment: For The Web Itself, you will have to rotate the image and get to the front of the Spider and then align to see the Shelob’s image and you will have the second memory unlocked.

In-Game Memory words

“They come to me seeking knowledge, but instead they find death. They ask for their fate. For themselves, for those they love. I gave mercy to those I Devoured, and I damned others with vision. The web Of Fate drives men to madness. They will walk all its threads to find their meaning, only to discover there is no escape.”

3 – Fair Form

Fair Form Minas Ithil Shelob Memories location

Location: Fair Form memory is located at the South western side of the Haedir Tower.

Fair Form Minas Ithil Shelob Memories

How to Reach: Fair Form is also been located in the cave like the previous one. follow the marker to get to the location passing through the city and fighting with some of the enemies coming in your way. Enter the tunnel and get the Memory.

How to solve: For Fair Form Memory you will have to solve the puzzle in the same manner like you did for the rest of the two puzzles.

Fair Form

The Perfect alignment: For Fair Form, you will have to rotate the scattered images and get to a position from where the spider’s middle body portion can be seen (from a bit top angle and the left side of the spider and right for the gamers) and then align to see the Shelob’s image. There you have your last memory of Minas Ithil.

In-game Memory Words

“I asked him plainly, When you look upon my form, what do you see? A monster? A temptress? He would not answer. Look deeper, I said, for I am not the masks I wear. In this, Sauron and I were the same.”

All Shelob Memories In Cirith Ungol

1 – War Form

Location: For War Form, you will have to Make your way to the east side of the tower and then scan in-order to get the first Memory in this location.

How to Reach: War Form is been located at the Cliff with some enemies around it. so jump and climb to get to the cliff and if you wish to fight then do battle with some of the enemies.

How to Solve: For this region also you will have to solve the puzzle in the same manner like you did for the rest of the puzzle by arranging the scattered image pieces.

In-Game Memory Words

“I chose the form of a spider because I wanted to walk the Web of Fate, to weave its strands. The Dark Lord chose something else. He chose a shell of cold, dark steel. He became a machine. A hollow man.”

2 – Witness To Power

Location: Witness To Power is been located at the Southern part of Cirith Ungol area.

How to Reach: For Witness To Power you can use your Fast Travel to get to the southern part of the Haedir Tower, now get off to the south end of the tower and you can see the Memory glowing an waiting for you near the water area.

How to solve: As you collect the Memory you will get the same objective of aligning the picture pieces.

In-Game Memory words

“He called me his pet, and I indulged him. He praised my hunger, though he called it passion. We were as one. Now I live in darkness at the edges of his empire. I explore the Web of Fate, a silent witness to his growing power, his everlasting dominion. It is time for me to come into the light”

3 – The Everlasting Shelob

Location: The Everlasting Shelob is been located at the southeast of the map, sitting on a higher level on a wooden platform around the mining area.

How to Reach: For the last memory of this map, you will have to sweat a bit, as for this you will have to get on the middle beam-like structure and then make a way to one of the structures and then pass through some bridges and get to the back wall. you will see some Orcs guarding the memory, both above and below, so take the orcs first and then go for the memory.

How to Solve: Same as you did for the rest of the Memories, align all the scattered pieces and collect the memory.

In-Game Words

“I flew from ruin and made a home for myself in the caves. I was here before the first stone of Barad-Dur and I will survive its fall. I’ve come to enjoy the darkness. My brood has grown. They extend my reach to Mirkwood and beyond. They bring me gifts, as other have. In this way, I will remain Shelob, become the last of my kind.”

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