All The Sims 4 expansion packs, ranked

All 9 expansions, ranked worst to best.

Image via EA

Since the initial release of The Sims 4, we have seen various DLC expansion packs released for the game. Each pack brings a new array of content, including new features, worlds, careers, pets, and gameplay. The following guide will rank the nine expansion packs, from worst to best, considering the depth of content added and the expansion pack’s overall value.

9. Get to Work

This expansion is enjoyable for anyone looking to become a Doctor, Scientist, or Detective. However, this pack suffers from limited gameplay in terms of versatility. Following some time spent with the expansion, boredom begins to set in, and not too long after, the pack can feel quite repetitive. This expansion was the first expansion for The Sims 4, as it has shown it’s age over the years, as some glitches are still prominent.

8. Eco Lifestyle

This pack centers around the idea of the world’s eco-footprint. The initiative here is to focus on practicing an environmentally friendly lifestyle, including leading by a ‘green’ example in your neighborhood. However, three words sum up this pack – ‘sharing is caring.’ While this system appears progressive and exciting on paper, in reality, it turns into ‘stealing is caring,’ as NPC’s can essentially ‘borrow’ various objects from you.

7. Get Together

The world in this expansion is one of the biggest. If clubs are your thing, then this DLC pack is for you. The reason being, you can make a club out of anything, as this is the central aspect of the expansion. For instance, if you want a spa day, you can create your social club centered around a pampered lifestyle. However, there are no new career path options in this pack. Nevertheless, if meeting other Sims isn’t essential to your playstyle, then this pack won’t appeal to you.

6. Island Living

This pack is ideal for living the island lifestyle, whether you’re soaking up the sun or lounging on the beach. This pack offers new careers, events, stunning views, and even the occasional mermaid. However, the gameplay and content beyond the initial appeal of island culture are limited. Additionally, there aren’t many islands to choose from, and there aren’t many career options either.

5. Cats and Dogs

If you’re an animal lover, then this pack is for you. Choose from a diverse selection of various pets, including most notably, cats and dogs. There is also a veterinary career that you can join and pursue. Aside from the pets, this pack suffers from limited content compared to the other expansions. Pets are the main appeal with this pack, so this expansion won’t be for everyone.

4. Get Famous

This expansion centers around the lifestyle of becoming famous within the world of Del Sol Valley. Enjoy new career options that align with the entertainment industry, including pursuing an acting career. This pack is a great way to socialize and meet other Sims. However, it’s similar to the ‘Get to Work’ expansion pack, in the way that it can feel repetitive after a while. This pack especially disappoints with the integrated ‘fame system.’ Nevertheless, if you’re all about meeting other Sims and living the lavish lifestyle, then this pack is for you.

3. City Living

City living introduces you to the vast city of San Myshuno, equipped with apartments, work from home careers, festivals, and more. This new city enjoys loads of different activities to enjoy. The new world in this pack is very unique to the other worlds and comes with three different career paths. This is an excellent choice for players interested in getting lots of content and exploration with their expansion pack.

2. Discover University

Discover University depicts the university lifestyle spot on. This expansion incorporates a young-adult vibe into it, with its target demographic being university students. You can participate in anything that a typical student can, including living on or off-campus, joining clubs, attending events, and more. This pack is a great way to meet other Sims and offers loads of sports and other school-related activities. A tremendous amount of content is offered, as well.

1. Seasons

It’s all about the seasons in Sims. Seasons adds loads of excellent content right across the board. This expansion is more of a background type of pack. With it, you can command the weather, create your personalized holidays, enjoy year-round activities, and enjoy the in-game calendar, allowing you to schedule events and celebrate holidays. Although Seasons doesn’t come with a new world, it makes up for it in every other way.