All Tombs Location, Unlock Ancestral Weapons – Final Fantasy XV

In Final Fantasy XV, you are required to search for tombs in order to grab new Ancestrals’ weapons and make your journey in Eos an easier task when facing stronger enemies. Many of them are part of the main quest, so you just can’t miss them, but others are out of that scripted path. Let’s take a look at all the tombs, then, and their location.

Tombs Location - Final Fantasy XV

All Tombs Location in FFXV

Tomb of the Wise

  • Location: Learn about Insomnia invasion, head to the north of The Three Valleys and find the tomb. When inside, you start the Power of Kings to help you find all the tombs and grab the Sword of the Wise.

Tomb of the Conqueror

  • Location: It’s located at the very end of Keycatrich Trench dungeon, located on the east of the Tomb of the Wise. You find the Axe of the Conqueror inside.

Tomb of the Tall

  • Location: It is located in Fallgrove, Duscae. In order to get the Greatsword of the Tall, you need to defeat a monster inside a nearby dungeon called the Costlemark Dungeon.

Tomb of the Wanderer

  • Location: This tomb is part of the Sword in the Waterfall quest. The tomb itself is in the west of the icy region and has the Swords of the Wanderer.

Tomb of the Mystic

  • Location: It is a part of the Archaean quest. Once inside, head to the very end of the alleyway to find the Blade of the Mystic.

Tomb of the Fierce

  • Location: Head over to the south-west edge of the Cleigne and then inside a dungeon. Once inside, you get yourself the Mace of the Fierce.

Tomb of the Pious

  • Location: Head over to the Malmalam Thicket dungeon and proceed to the end.

Tomb of the Clever

  • Location: Complete the Balouve Mines dungeon which is located near the Galdin Quay.

Tomb of the Rogue

  • Location: Head towards the south of Vesperpool and inside the Myrlwood dungeon. Once inside, if you are well leveled, you get the Star of the Rogue without any difficulty.

Tomb of the Just

  • Location: Head towards Thommels Glade near the west of Disc. Once you are in the area, find the Shield of the Just.

Tomb of the Warrior

  • Location: Follow the Hand of the King quest. At the very end of the quest, there’s a tough battle but after that you can check the tomb, get the Katana of the Warrior and head out.

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