All Vault Keycard Location – Deus Ex Mankind Divided

In Deus Ex Mankind Divided there are Vault keycards you need to collect along with the collectible and weapons. These keycards will help you access the Vaults inside the Palisade Bank and grab all the hidden and unique stuff to upgrade. This Location guide will show all the exact locations where to find Picus, Tarvos, and Tai Young Medical Vault Keycards.

All Vault Keycard Location‚Äč

All Vault Keycard Location

Here are all the locations where you will find the Vault Keycards and once you collect them all. You must get inside Palisade Bank or wait for Main Mission 12 to grab all the storage at once with Versalife Vault Keycard. So ;et’s get started locating the Keycards.

Tai Yong Medical Vault Keycard

During the Side Mission 03, Sarif will contact you to investigate Vadim Orlov’s apartment which is just behind teh TF29’s Headquarters. Once you get inside the Apartment via balcony you will find this Vault Keycard after searching his dead body.

Items in Safe:

  • Neuropozyne
  • Praxis Kit

Tarvos Vault Keycard

Get inside the basement of Sobchak Security after talking to the Receptionist and making it an unrestricted Area. Once you get to the basement, check hack the Safe Terminal to get the Multi-Tool and the Keycard.

Items in Safe:

  • Revolver Armor Piercing Armor
  • Cote D’Azur Combat Rifle
  • Weapons Ammo Stash

Picus Vault Keycard

While in Dvali Territory, get inside the Apartment 94 which is on the 3rd level in Libuse Apartments. The Vault Keycard is inside the Safe in Bedroom. You must interact with the Camera to see the Safe above the Bed.

Items in Safe:

  • Multi-Tools
  • Credit Chips
  • Triangle Code
  • Nuke Virus Softwares

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