Mission 10: Ambush Walkthrough – Call of Duty WWII

In the Mission 9: Battle of the Bulge after defending the convoy you will be playing Ambush, in this part after getting Intel, Daniels and Zussman were on a mission to infiltrate an enemy air base and destroy the truck with explosives. The mission was not very successful but has a tragic end.

Mission 10: Ambush Walkthrough - Call of Duty WWII

Ambush Walkthrough (Ardennes Forest, Belgium)

Ambush the German Transport

Take your position, before the truck appears. Stay in the position until there is an explosion. After which your fight begins. Stay on the top side of the mountain and keep shooting the enemies. After that godown and take down the remaining ones. You can take cover behind the trucks and shoot them. Once you are done killing all the soldiers climb in the truck.

Infiltrate the Air Base


Follow Zussman, through the forest and you will find two Airbase ahead. You have to play this objective in stealth mode, without getting detected you have to infiltrate the base. as you can see the base, go from the right side. You will see a sewer tunnel, crawl through that and you will reach near a truck. Walk from the extreme right end behind the wooden crates, use a quiet weapon here to kill the enemies. If you raise alert there will be a siren and you will be surrounded. So it is best to go quietly. As you enter into one of the airplane hangers, you can crawl through a sewer line below.


Keep moving and from one hangar to another hangar. In case you raised an alert you will have to fight your way to the high vantage point. Keep following the marker and you will see a few soldiers ahead, use a sniper rifle to kill them. You will find a high point by walking on extreme right side. As Pierson approaches the gate you will have to kill the enemies in his path. The sniping point will help you to scout all of them. Once the truck is moving, try shooting the driver to stop it. There will be snipers on the roof.


One of the trucks will pass away, you will have to wait until the truck is destroyed. Once done follow Zussman to head to the next position.

Reach the Tower


You will have to move towards the tower, there will be a lot of soldiers in this part, stay behind the wall and try to kill as much as possible. Don’t wait for low health to consume First Aid, you will be killed soon. So keep moving ahead, once you are done killing all the soldiers. Go on the top of the tower and use the machine gun to kill other enemies. Also look for soldiers before and then clear the area. After sometime Enemy tank will enter the area, and it will attack the tower. In the cutscene after this mission, you will see Zussman is taken away by the enemy.

Rescue Zussman


There will be a jeep mission where you will have to follow the truck that takes Zussman. Follow it and you will spot a few more in your path. you can bang the enemy’s jeep from the right end side. keep driving as you cannot shoot, just keep following the truck. The jeep has a specific amount of health, you cannot crash into it. just stay behind the truck, crawl and take your gun to shoot the enemy. Slowly move towards the truck.

There will be a cutscene, one will be about Zussman. Next is about Daniels, this is then of Mission Ambush. You can read our walkthrough on the Eleventh Mission The Rhine (Ending) or you can also go through our Call of Duty: WWII Wiki guide for more tips and updates on the game.