American Truck Simulator: How to Get More Realistic Driving

American Truck Simulator is a vehicle simulation game which is similar to the Euro Truck Simulator 2. The Player will experience the legendary American trucks and deliver various cargoes across sunny California and sandy Nevada. This American Truck Simulator Guide will show you how to get more realistic driving experience.

How to Get More Realistic Driving

Being a Simulator game, you need to feel the player and this can only by fulfilled if you manage to make better settings and play the game exactly the way it should be played. So we decided to make some changes which will definitely help you change you gameplay style and look more realistic.

How to Get More Realistic Driving

Go to the Menu screen and from below you should select the Gameplay Tab. Once you open this tab you will get a list of about 17 settings which you can change as per your requirement. Out of 17, we have 13 settings which will definitely change your gameplay outcome. Here are the changes which you need to think of as per your config and requirements.

Transmission Type

This is the First option in the list and this option will decide how the rest of the game will be affected. If you have a joystick with you then you should definitely try it here and select the tab as the Real Automatic which will support your wheels and pedals.

Note: be careful with the choices as the Speed may have a different effect in different areas.

Fatigue Simulation

This should always be Ticked(Checked) as the driver needs rest after his long journey. If you don’t then you will be fined for not resting.

Steering Auto center

This setting should be off as you want to make you struggle to take the steering back to the center while the real life you need to maintain it really hard during the sharp turns and driving through mountains.

Braking Intensity

Drag this wheel to the extreme left as to make it look realer. If your truck is carrying more than 250000lbs then according to the law of momentum and physics you cannot just stop the vehicle with top speed.

Trailer Stability

This setting is totally up to you and your comfort. We recommend sliding a bit to left to let the trailer wobble once your cross certain speed which will make things more interesting.

Truck Speed Limiter

Turn this on as per the Real Life law the vehicles nowadays come with the certain speed limit and in the game, you will be capped at 105km.

Automatic Retarder

This Should be Off.

Automatic Exhaust Brake

This Should be Off.

Automatic Engine And Electric Start

To make your truck start manually, you must turn this Off.

Automatic Drop of Liftable Axis

This Should be Off.

Air Break Simulation

The Truck uses Air in order to use the Breaks system, but there is a limitation to the Air Flow. Once you used all the Air from the System then you must park your Truck until the pressure is set to full.

Realistic Fuel Consumption

This Setting some might like while some may not. As the name says that your gameplay will be directly affected if you are out of fuel.

Parking Difficulty

This is the last setting we gonna change in order to make it realistic gaming simulation. Set it to hardest to have the real fun and make the game more tricky.