Ambush At Sea Walkthrough – Assassin’s Creed Origins

In the previous Quest: Crocodile’s Jaw, Bayek was able to kill one more member of Orders of Ancient, he now heads to Sea with Aya to fight with Gabiniani. Chapter Ambush At Sea is a Level 28 Main Quest. Find the storyteller and talk to him and it will start a mission with Aya. For the next quest you have to upgrade your character level 31, so you can play some side quest as mentioned in the walkthrough.

Ambush At Sea Walkthrough - Assassin's Creed Origins

Main Quest Ambush At Sea Walkthrough: Reward 3000XP

Sink the Gabiniani Fleet

sink-gabiniani-fleet-1 sink-gabiniani-fleet-2

As the storyteller brings his story, you will be playing as Aya controlling a massive ship. The objective is to sink 4 ships in the ocean. Try targeting the weaker points of the ship to sink them fast. To avoid much damage to your ship, do not come straight in the front or else enemies ship will bash into you. One of the easiest ways to sink them is going exactly behind the ship and shooting them continuously. Keep circling from a distance and shoot as the path of arrows turns to red.

Sink the Gabiniani Octareme


After sinking all four ships, sail to the next marker ahead. You will find more ships, there is one bigger one at the center with a huge health bar. It is important that you can stay at a good distance before attacking it. attacking the ship from the side is quite risky, due to its massive attack and other ships around. Try going near the ship after bracing from attack and then shoot from the sides continuously. Once you have enough access to the red path keep firing. Once the ship is completely destroyed the quest ends.

You can go through a few side quests before heading to the next main quest, in order to raise your Character Level If you have at least 30 or above then it will be easier to kill down the enemies in your path.

Side Quest The Sickness Walkthrough: Reward 3000XP

Go to the slums and investigate the cause behind the plague. First, you have to talk to the healer in the slum, then investigate the area. Use Animus Pulse to locate your next target, reach there and investigate the area. Once you are done investigate get back to the Healer, and she will tell you about the merchant. Follow the healer, and she will lead you to merchant’s home. Bayek finds the merchant is behind the poisonous food, fight with his guards and kill the merchant.

The Bride Walkthrough: Reward 3000XP

In this Level 26 Side Quest, you have to find a girl who lost her husband. She will ask you get a Heron feather, use Senu to mark down the bird in the area and give that to the girl. Next, you have to follow her, and defend her from the leopards in the valley. Finally, escort her to the docks, and this completes the task.

Sobek’s Tears Walkthrough: Reward 3000XP

Go to the Temple of Sobek, where you have to investigate the albino crocodile. First talk to the Guardian, after that you will have to investigate the area, use Animus Pulse, to investigate the area of an albino crocodile. You have to begin with the stairs, where you will some blood as you enter the area where the croc is resting, next is the pot on the right of stairs, then use the sleep dart on the crocodile and look near the coconut tree and there you will find a dead animal. For the final one, use Senu and look around and you will see a well, jump in that and you will enter into the final point where you will find a cloth. Now head to the east and you will find another blood trail, use Senu to track down the same. After that go to the south side, towards Naval Arsenal. Use Senu to locate the target, the area is heavily guarded by Level 29 guards and Level 30 captains. You have to kill Melina the Hibiscus here. Once done then talk to the Guardian. If you complete location objectives you can earn 900XP more.

Shadya’s Rest Walkthrough: Reward 3000XP

This quest is a continuation of Crocodiles death, the one who killed Shadya. Go to the grieving parents of the girl who needs some help. Once you reach Philadelphia farm you will have to find Hotephres and follow him. You will have to once again hunt down some Heron feather for Shadya’s shrine. Go the farm near the lake and hunt down the bird. Take the feathers and return to the shrine. After that, you have to kill the Ptolemy Captain of Philadelphia. He is a Level 32 captain guarded by Level 28 and 29 guards. You can use Berserk ability here that will make unaware low-level guards to attack the captain. After killing the captain get back to Hotephres at the fort insignia. This completes the task.

Fighting for Faiyum Walkthrough: Reward 4500XP

This one is a Level 30 Side quest, where you have to talk to Hotephres about a commander who is oppressing the farmers. After talking to Hotephres talk to the farmers, and burn 3 pyres around. Then talk to the farmer once again. Get back to Hotephres, and then fight the soldiers who will appear after the cutscene. Once you kill all the soldiers you will have to follow Khenut. Then rescue the leader of the Faiyum rebels. As usual, use Senu to mark down all the soldiers around, then enter the fortress and rescue rebels. Then escort the leader to the valley. Once done you have to assassinate the commander of Fort Boubastos. Then speak to Hotephres and Khenut.

After completing these all side quest you can head to the main Quest that requires at least Level 31.The side quest, fast travel points, new locations, etc will easily help you to reach the level.

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