Assassin’s Creed Chronicles China Guide: All Animus Shard Locations In Sequence 3: The Port

Here’s our guide to find all the Animus Shards, collectible items you have to get in Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China to unlock the Shiny trophy. In Memory Sequence 3: The Port, there are fourteen Animus Shards.

Assassin's Creed Chronicles China

First Animus Shard


In order to complete the “Reach the deck of the Chinese war ship” you will have to climb through the hold. On the ceiling of the highest floor, below the deck, you will find the first shard.

Second Animus Shard


While on the objective “Escape the Chinese war ship”, climb the left mast and jump to the left. Keep this route until you reach the end of the ship, then you will find the second shard under the red flag.

Third Animus Shard


This is pretty simple: you will find the third Animus Shard right on the top of the middle left mast.

Fourth Animus Shard


From there, go right until you can do it without jumping down. Stop when you have to, get down and find the shard below the left mast.

Fifth Animus Shard


Abandon the ship and embark on the task “Reach the port tower bridge”. You will reach an area with pontoons, finding a boat you can throw your knife at to make it move to another plane. Then, go across it and get to the fifth shard.

Sixth Animus Shard


Get the boat back where it was and go to the boathouse. Keep going to the right while climbing so you’ll reach two guards. Once you meet them, jump down, drop off the legde and grab the fishing net. Go left and climb the platform: now you can kill the guards and get the sixth shard.

Seventh Animus Shard


Go back where you found the two killed guards, drop down and jump onto the pole to the right. Next to the middle pole you will find the seventh Animus Shard.

Eighth Animus Shard


Reach a large building in the port as part of the “Reach the floating pontoons” task. Enter the lowest floor, go right and crawl into a narrow passage that will bring you to the eighth shard.

Ninth Animus Shard


Once you have left the crawlspace, climb up and go left. You will see a fishing net on the wall: climb it to the top, go all the way right and drop down to get the ninth shard. Beware the guards there.

Tenth Animus Shard


You will reach a large ship. Once you are in it, go up until you get to a big room with two guards and a lookout. Use the net and go left to reach the outside, then up the beams. Grab onto the ceiling and you will find the tenth Animus Shard right above the two guards.

Eleventh Animus Shard


Jump off the ship on the right end, climb the building and find the shard on a walkway leading to the right.

Twelfth Animus Shard


Now that you are on the “Find a way to raise the fortress bridge” task, you have to pass a stone bridge, go right and climb down a red ladder. Going to the left, walk the beam to change planes: on that beam, you will find the shard.

Thirteenth Animus Shard


Walk the beam again, go to the right and walk the other beam you will find before the red ladder. Go right and there you will find the shard.

Fourteenth Animus Shard


Once you are at the stone gate for the “Kill the Templar informants”, climb down the net and find the final shard on your left.