Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India Ending Walkthrough Memory 10 – The Rescue, Infiltrate the Palace, Rescue Pyara

In Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India Walkthrough Memory 10, now that the Diamond and Ezio’s Box is under Arbaaz’s Custody, Sleeman kidnapped Princess Pyara Kaur and waiting for Arbaaz to come and hand over both for leaving His Love Princess Pyara. Let’s check out the Final Mission of the Assassin Creed Chronicles: India Memory Sequence 10.

Ending Walkthrough Memory 10

Memory Sequence 10: The Rescue

Infiltrate the Palace

Hamid has informed Arbaaz about Pyara Kaur’s abduction by Sleeman. Arbaaz directly heads towards the Palace and here you can kill any Guards without any issue as they already on high alert.

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Escape before the Barrels Explode

A small objective where you need to climb as fast as possible to save your life. You have exactly 30 seconds to do this. It is easy, but make sure you make the right move. Collect ever Helix on your way.

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Reach the Sewers and Escape the Toxic

Next is reaching the sewers before the gates get closed by the Templar Guards and once you do then these guards will throw some toxic over your head where you have to make you climb up in order to survive the Poison.

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Eliminate the Guards

This is one tough part in the Final Mission, you need o take down 10 Elite Guards who are on high alert. First use the Object to fall on the guards which kill them instantly, second the smoke bomb which is also good to kill a group in one shot. I suggest to slide and kill or overkill to do it even faster.

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Cross the Palace Bridge

Here you need to Run as if you are on a TIme-based mission as the gates are getting closed along with the bridge. So run as fast as you can and time your jump very well to get it done in one shot.

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Evade the Puckle Gun

This is also a random shot via Puckle Gun, you don’t bother about the shots just keep moving and get pass through it. Do not rush as you might fall with a wrong move or jump.

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Rescue Pyara

Now that you have entered teh Palace, go into complete stealth mode as you need to avoid detection from the Guards and Sleeman. Use the Covers and run as and when you can. While Climbing up don’t forget to put your legs up to avoid detection.

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Now you need to fight with the Templar Guards so make your best move as this your final chance to impress Pyara, joke apart kills them and then take care of Sleeman which brings us to a Cutscene and thus ending the Memory Sequence 10.

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At the End the Final Cutscene where Arbaaz gives the Koh-i-Noor jewel to Ethan and then walks away.