Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India Walkthrough Memory 2 – The Absent Handler, Find Hamid, Capture the Templar Agent

Arbaaz met his Princess Pyara Kaun in her Palace Chamber and the next morning he needs to meet his Mentor Hamid to know more about the Templars current track for Koh-i-Noor diamond. You must move out of the town in the Amritsar Market and look for Hamid’s Blood Trail later Capture the Templar Agent before he reaches the door and Interrogate with him to know Hamid’s current location.

Walkthrough Memory 2 - The Absent Handler

Memory Sequence 2 – The Absent Handler

Once you have met your Princess Pyara Kaur, you make love with her and the next morning you set out early in the search for Hamid in Amritsar Market. Now you have to face a bunch of guards in the market area. Make quick and smart moves a real stealthy one if you are trying hard to get Shadow/Gold Rating. Guards will be coming out in/out of the doors so do not rush to get your objective.

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You need to take cover and make the best use of the environment. If you are going for every collectible then try searching each room after you make the first climb in the market. Later Make sure to use the Noise Distraction bomb and make the guard move away from your path and avoid killing anyone.


Once you go to the other side of the Market you will show the use of ‘Chakram’ a weapon that you can use to distract or making you path by destroying the certain environment. To Make the best use of Chakram, you need to aim and then throw it to bounce of the walls and slice it down.

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Next you enter the Building, where you have to be fast, but it’s tricky as have options to use the chakram or go the old school way(sneaking). If you are using the second way then make sure you put your legs up every time he turns around. Then you take the leap of faith and enter the market again.

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You see that the Templar guards have already in search for Hamid. You must use your Map to locate your targets and head on with the mission. You can go lethal or nonlethal it’s your choice and it won’t affect your points. TakeDown the guards in your way and continue until you reach the Hamid’s hideout and see his Blood trail.

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Now you objective is to Investigate Hamid’s Abduction by following his blood trail. Go straight and take the leap of faith and down if you want the collectible. Use the Smoke Bomb to get past the two guards and Tiger. When you come see the two elephants with a guard in between, you must wait until the guards look up nad then you must pass by.

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In one of the rooms where you see the Assassin symbol, you must use your eagle vision to see it. It says ‘2021’. Then use the zip line to take the shortcuts and have a look at the high Ranking Templar in the Palace also you will see the guard with the last document(pickpocket).

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Head Left(opposite to the Tiger and Guards) into the building and you will come across a puzzle which is time being so you must climb fast enough before they are set to the normal position. Then the second puzzle where you need to jump when the cubes are at the same place and hope you make this jump as you have a tiger waiting for you below.

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You have two choice to select which way you want to climb up. We recommend selecting the right way where you need to use the Chakram and trust me it’s the easiest way up. Later, use the zip line and you see you have to take down a guard, here you must act on time. Just when you turn around his face jump up and picklock the door to get in. Then do not stop to time it again perfectly(coming out).

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The Final shot to take down the Templar before he makes his way through the door. Here you not only need to act fast but smart too as you have many guards coming in/out of the doors. Then finally, grab him which end this Memory sequence complete.

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