Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India Walkthrough Memory 4 – Secret Below, Find Precursor Chamber, Reach Oracle Room

Now that you have entered the Precursor Site which is the old Temple, you must hunt for Sleeman and locate him before he makes use of the piece of Eden. Though this is an easy and time-based mission, you must be careful enough as the temple is old the chambers have to lose holdings and thus, you might fall down.

Walkthrough Memory 4 - Secret Below

Memory Sequence 4: The Secret Below

Explore the Lower Chambers

To begin with, you must try to finish this mission as quick as possible to get those awesome upgrades. Go ahead and start the mission by climbing the walls, you will notice some of the walls break when you step on it. Sometimes you might accidently hit the button twice and you get hold of the ledge which will again get you in trouble.

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Find the Precursor Chambers

Keep Moving and take down the guards which you think are harmful to you and as this is a time-based mission it all up to you. While moving towards the mid lane, you are going to kill few people(not purposely) by falling off the wall while rushing. The only thing you must be aware of the wall which are loose and falls after few seconds of touch.

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Reach the Oracle Room

Once you enter the Precursor Chamber you need to find the Oracle Room. Go ahead and follow the same tactics here. be careful of the Laser Beam which the old temple throws away. Make use of the Smoke bombs to get rid of the Guards more than two. You have done with this Memory Sequence with your best time.

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