Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India Walkthrough Memory 5 – Enemy Revealed, Temple Room, Escape Collapsing Chamber

The Route Oracle Room you fond wasn’t working so you need to find an alternate route to get over there fast and stop Sleeman from using the Koh-i-Noor diamond with Ezio’s Box. You need to get back the Koh-i-Noor piece of Eden back to the Brotherhood and Hamid to know its real power.

Walkthrough Memory 5 - The Enemy Revealed

Memory Sequence 5: The Enemy Revealed

Find an Alternate Route to Oracle

Another Speed mission and you need to find the alternate route to get to the oracle room. The stage is pretty similar to the last memory, but the only difference here is there are no more collapsing walls. Go ahead and keep jumping until you get to the Oracle Room.

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There are times where you have to be smart enough to select which route to go with and I am repeating again you need to use the smoke grenades where you see most of the guards and get past by them easily. Do not engage any fights as this will cost you time and we want our awesome upgrades so we need to finish this as soon as possible.

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Get the Main Room of the Temple

This is pretty easy one if you have a complete control over your player and do not rush. If you think it needs time then take it but avoid getting contact with the laser beam. Even while climbing you must avoid the lines.

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Escape the Collapsing Chamber

Once the Cutscene is over, start running towards your right and keep running until the ground starts shaking and breaking. Know when to jump and take your best move. Once you pass the door you will see Hamid waiting for you there and the cutscene begins. It’s Done you have successfully completed the Memory Sequence 5.

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