Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India Walkthrough Memory 7 – What Lies Beneath, Follow Sleeman, Get Box before Sleeman

In Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India Walkthrough Memory 7, The Afghans forces are busy with the Templars Guards while Arbaaz tries to hunt for Sleeman inside the Castle and discovers the new Precursor site. Arbaaz must take the lead this time before Sleeman makes his next move with the Piece of Eden Koh-i-Noor Diamond.

Walkthrough Memory 7 - What Lies Beneath

Memory Sequence 7: What Lies Beneath

Follow Sleeman without being seeing

This is yet another time-based mission where you need to run and make smart moves to get your hands over Sleeman. So just Focus on the Helix Dash Moves where ever needed and you can get through the guards without being seeing.

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Follow Sleeman Underground

Here you need to solve the puzzle in order to get the underground door opened. First take the right liver to be solved as it is the fastest one then go for the left section. Get underground and follow the right path safely as there are collapsing roofs and walls.

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Find the Main Room of the Temple

Now that you have discovered teh Underground Precursor Site – The Temple, you need to find the Main room where Sleeman is Heading. Go ahead and start climbing the same way you did before in Amritsar’s Precursor Site Temple. No Rush required, take your time and crouch wherever you can to avoid the lasers. At the last part, the Laser wall will be following you so there you might need to rush a bit.

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Get the Box before Sleeman

It’s the Race to the Top before the elevator takes Sleeman and the Guards to the Box first. You need to think twice before you jump so do make it look quick and easy. Get in down in no time as the lift will slow down a bit if you are struggling, but not for long. Once you get Up first the cutscene will start and the End of Memory Sequence 7.

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