Fall Of An Empire, Rise Of Another – Assassin’s Creed Origins Ending Walkthrough

In the previous Quest: The Final Weighing, Bayek assassinates The Lion – Flavius who is his son’s actual killer. In this part there is two quest, first is The Last Medjay where for the final time Bayek meets Aya, and then in the ending chapter Fall Of An Empire, Rise Of Another, you will be playing as Aya. There is a tough naval mission, then a boss fight with The Jackal – the final target and then the assassination of Caesar.

Fall Of An Empire, Rise Of Another Walkthrough

Main Quest The Last Medjay Walkthrough: Reward 3000XP

Last of the Medjay is a Level 35 quest, as you begin you have to talk to Aya. As you reach the spot I will trigger a cutscene, where Aya will tell Bayek about her intentions of getting to Rome. Once done you have to speak her again for the last time. She will be near the ocean. It is a short quest and it is over after the cutscene.

Main Quest Fall Of An Empire, Rise Of Another Walkthrough

In the cutscene, you will see Layla and another assassin. Get back to the Animus, and then there will be another cutscene. A naval mission will begin with Aya, the objective is to go to the marker that will lead you to Rome.

Fall of Empire Guide

There will be ships around which you have to sink. Sail sideways around the ship and target the weak points like before. After sinking that ship, there will be more in your path. These are Fireships, so you will have to use the Catapult here. That will be easiest to sink multiple of them from a distance. Avoid going near to those ships, they will crash into you.

Fall of Empire Guide

Once done you will have to face the Roman Ocatremes, two massive ships, it is necessary that you use the catapults here the ship has a high health bar, so by using the same you can cause a good amount of damage and then target the weak points. The ship will also crash into you, it is necessary to skip that if possible. If you are near to this massive ship, try going on the backside. Target one ship at a time, sail to a distance and use the catapult on the same.

Assassinate Lucius Septimius: The Jackal

Fall Of Empire Guide

Once you are done with the naval mission there will be a short cutscene, and then you will play as Aya facing Lucius Septimius a Level 35 enemy. The enemy has a massive range of attack, unless he is rolling his chain weapon do not go near, he will also have a pretty good speed, so try to crouch down. Then use the arrows to shoot the head. His attacks are predictable, once he bashes on the ground he will slow down for a while, that is the time you can charge in and perform some combo attacks. You have to follow the same procedure, by staying a bit away from him, if caught you he can drain more than 50% of health at a single time. Having at least 35 Level will help you a lot here.

Fall of Empire Guide

So learn to dodge well first, once you see him coming towards you, you can try out a charged attack on him as your adrenaline meter is full. Keep shooting arrows on the head, and try to fill up your adrenaline gauge, this will give you an easy win. You will have to perform this at least three times in the arena to kill The Jackal, your final target.

Reach the Curia

Fall of Empire Guide

Head to the next marker point that will take you towards Caesar, the place has many guards around, again at this place if you raise alert all guards will try to hunt you down. Once you are near to the target you will see more guards. It will cost you a good amount of time, due to so many guards around. Once you reach your target point, you will have to assassinate Caesar. He is in the center, you can quietly go behind him and assassinate him.

Once Caesar is killed there will be a few cutscenes and the game is over. This is where Assassins Creed Origins Campaign story ends, you can still wander around and play various side quests, it is an open world game there are still many challenges you can hunt. For more info, tips and guides on the game you can read our Assassin’s Creed Origins Wiki guide for more tips and updates on the game.