Assassin’s Creed: Origins – Kill Phylakes for Legendary Black Hood Outfit

While playing the main quest line of Assassin’s Creed: Origins, you will at some point be informed that a group of elite bounty hunters, the Phylakes, have been sent on your trail and are coming to kill you. There are a total of 10 Phylakes spread across the various regions of Egypt, each patrolling their assigned area. They will attack you on sight, often travel with a group of soldiers, and are very powerful. They also carry some exceedingly rare gear, including items required to obtain the Black Hood outfit. So, let’s talk about how to kill them all!

Phylakes’ Prey – How to Defeat Phylakes

Assassin's Creed: Origins - Kill Phylakes for Legendary Black Hood Outfit
Phylakes’ PreyTL;DR Games • Fair Use

The side quest Phylakes’ Prey tasks Bayek with assassinating all the Phylakes. The mercenaries are among the toughest enemies you will face in the game. Fortunately, the gear they drop is Legendary in nature, and extremely useful for a variety of different play styles. The first rule of engaging the Phylakes in combat is to only do so if you are close to their level, if not higher. Especially the higher level Phylakes can kill Bayek in a single blow if you’re not careful.

It’s suggested to turn their bounty hunting scheme around against them, decide who you want to kill, and trail them for a little while. Senu’s ability to mark the path they travel can be extremely useful, as many of them travel with an escort, or spend significant time in camps filled with other high-level soldiers. The key is to isolate the Phylake so you can fight them one-to-one. It’s worth being patient and learning their paths of travel, unless of course you’re a much higher level than they are.

A highly recommended tactic to use a weapon with elemental damage, such the Hepzefa’s Legendary Fire Sword. You’ll also want to get comfortable dodging their blows, keeping your distance, and getting in for a few quick attack blows, then backing up again. Hitting them with ranged weapons is a good way to whittle down their health.

Phylakes Locations and Rewards

Here is a list of all 10 Phylakes and which region they roam. They will always be identified on your map, so it’s easy to find the one you want to dispatch of.

  • The Outsider
    • Level: 20
    • Region: Alexandria
    • Gear: Golden Wolf (Sword)
  • Ptolemy’s Fist
    • Level: 22
    • Region: Sap-Meh Nome
    • Gear: Copper Mace (Heavy Blunt)
  • The Iron Ram
    • Level: 25
    • Region: Inab-Hedjet Nome
    • Gear: Snoke and Mirrors (Predator Bow)
  • The Stranger
    • Level: 28
    • Region: Memphis
    • Gear: Sarissa (Spear)
    • Ornamented Key
  • Ra’s Mercy
    • Level: 30
    • Region: Faiyum
    • Gear: Storm Blades (Dual Blades)
  • The Hill
    • Level: 32
    • Region: Faiyum Oasis
    • Gear: Headsplitter (Heavy Blade)
    • Ornamental Key
  • Bane of Hathor
    • Level: 35
    • Region: Atef-Pehu Nome
    • Gear: Deathstorm (Hunter Bow)
  • Half-Horn
    • Level: 38
    • Region: Im-Khent Nome
    • Gear: Composite Bow (Light Bow)
    • Ornamented Key
  • The Galatian
    • Level: 40
    • Region: Isolated Desert
    • Gear: The Fourth Plague (Warrior Bow)
  • The Iron Bull
    • Level: 40
    • Region: Giza (though often strays into Isolated Desert and hangs out with The Galatian)
    • Gear: Djoser’s Pride (Shield)
    • Ornamented Key

Legendary Black Hood Outfit

Assassin's Creed: Origins - Kill Phylakes for Legendary Black Hood Outfit
Ornamented KeyTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Once you have acquired 3 of the Ornamented Keys, the quest will update and ask Bayek to seek out Abar for the fourth key. As it turns out, Abar is related to the Phylakes and will give you the fourth key if you clear out a nearby area infested with crocodiles. These crocs are between levels 31 and 40, so you’ll want to take your time confronting them. Using a ranged weapon, it’s easy to pull one crocodile at a time and kill it. In fact, compared to the battle that is defeating the level 40 Phylakes, this part of the quest line is a piece of cake.

Once you’ve cleared the crocodiles, Abar will provide you with the fourth key and the location of the chest. Loot it and you will be rewarded with the Legendary Black Hood Outfit, one of the nicest and most difficult to attain in the game.

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