Assassin’s Creed Syndicate All Perks Guide: How To Unlock Them For Jacob and Evie

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’s perks can be unlocked by completing not so simple and immediate tasks. What’s good is that, as it happens with Skill Points, perks are cumulative and available once and for all the characters, so including both Evie and Jacob Frye. It is likely you will “meet” them in the later sections of gameplay, when you have a good amount of hours on your back.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate


  • Absolute Stunning allows to have stun duration increased by 25%; it is unlocked by breaking an enemy’s guard 75 times.
  • Assassination knockouts your enemies faster, and all you need to do is assassinating 120 enemies.
  • Brace for Impact slightly increases damage when ramming a vehicle. You will get it once you have rammed 25 enemy carriages.
  • Combat Mastery slightly increases overall damage. All you need is killing 4 enemies in less than 12 seconds, 25 times. Oh, Lord.
  • Countershot increases countershot damage at the cost of countershotting 2 ranged attacks in under 10 seconds.
  • Cover Assassinate slightly decreases the noise made by moving, but requires you to kill an enemy from cover 75 times.
  • Death by Rook slightly decreases the noise caused by assassinations. You will need to Double Air Assassinate 2 enemies 25 times.
  • Double Air Assassinate slightly decreases the noise caused by assassinations, and it only takes to kill 2 enemies 25 times in order to unlock the perk.
  • Double Kill wants you to perform a multi-finisher on 2 enemies 25 times. It will increase your Lethality by 2.
  • Electrifying lets you increase Voltaic Bomb damage, but it won’t work until you don’t stun 4 enemies with a single voltaic bomb 50 times.
  • Fancy Moves needs you to perform a combo using a gun or throwing knives 75 times. With it, you will have gun or knife damage increased when ysing them in a combo.
  • Flawless Fighter increases the time allowed to perform a counter attack. Killing 4 or more enemies in the same conflict without being harmed 50 times will unlock the perk.
  • Gone Lawing requires you to hijack 50 police carriages, increasing acceleration of police vehicles.
  • Headshot increases critical hit damage, but wants you to perform a headshot while using free aim 50 times.
  • Knife Hill increases throwing knife damage and needs you to kill an enemy using throwing knives from cover 75 times.
  • Ledge Kill wants you to kill an enemy with a contextual ledge finisher 25 times, and slightly increases damage caused by contextual attacks.
  • London Drift requires to turn 10 corners while drifting by using the brake 75 times. It increases vehicle control during boosts.
  • Multi-counter Kill increases counter attack damage by performing a multi-counter kill 50 times.
  • Near Death Recovery allows you to have a better health regeneration, but needs you to surviva a fight after entering a critical state 50 times.
  • No Touchbacks provides you with a slight overall damage increase, at the cost of hitting enemies 20 times in a row during the same conflict, without being struck, 25 times. It’s hard to understand it, think about how it is to perform it…
  • Quadra Kill has your lethality increased by 2. Perform a multi-finisher on 4 enemies 25 times and this perk will be yours.
  • Riding Shotgun needs you to kill an enemy with your gun while on top of a moving carriage 50 times. It increases damage caused by guns while you are driving.
  • Road Rage lets your enemies receive more damage when hit by your carriage. Kill 3 enemies with your carriage in less than 25 seconds 25 times, and it will be yours.
  • Shoot the Messenger wants you to kill a lookout before they trigger the alarm 15 times. Thanks to this perk, lookouts take longer to detect you.
  • Triple Kill has your lethality increased by 2, but wants you to perform a multi-finisher on 3 enemies 25 times.
  • Vanish makes you become anonymous faster after conflict, which is sometimes almost gold. You’ll need to become anonymous after entering combat 25 times, so it’s not an impossible mission.
  • Vanish in Smoke wants you to use a Smoke Bomb to end combat and vanish 25 times. Smoke Bombs will last longer thanks to it, giving you more time to escape or even beat enemies.
  • Wanton Destruction lets you increase ram damage when hitting another vehicle, and all it needs is to destroy 4 destructible objects in less than 15 seconds 75 times.
  • Zipline Assassin requires you to assasinate an enemy from a zipline 25 times, and it slightly decreases noise cause by following assassinations in change.