Assassin’s Creed Syndicate The Ultimate Skills Guide: How To Unlock Them

 Assassin’s Creed Syndicate The Ultimate Skills Guide: How To Unlock Them

In Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, you can invest the Skill Points you gain thanks to the experience gathered through missions in Evie and Jacob Frye’s abilities. They have a common skill tree we’ll show you later and a series of unique skills that make them slightly but importantly different from each other. Basically, Evie will reveal to be a better choice if you want to have a stealth approach to missions, otherwise Jacob is more skilled in combat so he might be the best choice when it comes to missions where you have to fight a good number of enemies.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate Skills

Evie has three unique skills: Chameleon, Knife Master II and Stealth III.

Chameleon requires Level 5 and Assassin Steps in order to be activated; you will also need 4 Skill Points free to be invested on it. It’s particularly good as it allows you to have Evie nearly invisible while in Sneak Mode. Only enemies in close proximity will be able to detect her.

Knife Master II requires Knife Master I to be unlocked and Level 6. Six are also the Skill Points you will have to spend so you can get it. It allows Evie to carry twice as many throwing knives (10), and this reveals particularly useful as knives are almost lethal for her.

Stealth III, finally, requires Level 5 and Stealth II to be active. You will need 4 Skill Points as well. Evie’s Stealth stat increases by an additional 11 upon this upgrade, and assassinations will be almost unnoticed by enemies nearby.

Jacob has three unique skills as well: Defense III, Gunslinger II and Mutilate II.

Defense III needs Level 5 and Defense II to be activated, as well as 4 Skill Points. It lets Jacob take less damage overall, which is fundamental as he is the one who will join the toughest fights and let you progress in the most difficult missions you will face in the game.

Gunslinger II requires Level 6, Gunslinger I of course and 6 Skill Points. Those are well invested, you will soon notice, as Jacob’s Countershots turn automatically in Headshots.

Mutilate II, finally, needs you to have Level, Mutilate I and 4 Skill Points. Jacob’s successful attacks bring enemies near to death much more rapidly, and you will notice this is important especially progressing through the game and enemies become many more.

Now it’s time for us to look at the Skills Tree. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate includes three different Skills Tree: Combat, Stealth, Ecosystem.


Multi-Finisher requires 0 skill points and is acquired in the Sequence 1, so it’s really basic. It allows you to execute up to 4 enemies at a time and gain extra experience points.

Stun Attack also requires 0 skill points and is acquired in the Sequence 1. It’s able to brake enemies’ defensive stance and even stun them for a while – you will really need it in the most advanced combats.

Counter requires 0 skill points as well, you get it in the first sequence and allows you to counter enemies’ attacks. Progressing through the adventure it will get more lethal.

Tool Combo is part of your initial arsenal of skills, so you won’t need skill points to activate it. It allows you to use “tools” like guns in combat, which is really useful as you might understand.

Health Boost is one of the first skills you will “pay” for, as it requires one skill point to be activated. It increases your life bar by one segment. Add one to required skill points and levels your characters need to reach before activating them, and you will get Health Boost II and III.

Unstoppable I increases the time you have at your disposal to complete a combo before it’s too late. You will need one skill point and it’s available for you to unlock after sequence 1. Add one to each requirement and you will get Unstoppable II, which requires level 2.

Slayer I allow you to have an attack bringing your enemies in near death state when you reach a x10 combo. 1 skill points and completing sequence 1 is all you need. Slayer II needs level 3 and 2 skill points, and chains a near death state attack to the next attack you will move to an opponent, bringing him in the same state.

Counter Boost allow you to have a counter while attacking even stronger your enemies. You will need two skill points and level 2 to be reached.

Execute I lets you execute an enemy after you stun him pressing X/A depending on the platform you play Assassin’s Creed Syndicate on. It requires 2 skill points and level 3 to be reached. Execute II requires 4 skill points and level 5, and breaks enemies’ defensive stances when they see you execute one of theirs.

Mutilate I needs two skill points and level 3, and successfully brings enemies to near death more rapidly. Adrenaline requires you to spend 4 skill points and reach level 5, increasing the amount and the speed your health regenerates, while Combat Stamina requires 6 skill points and level 5, regenerating the health bar depending on how many enemies you kill in multi-kills.


These are the stealth skills you will be able to unlock for both the characters, Evie and Jacob Frye.

Whistle is fundamental for you to attract enemies from their spots, so you can move through the locations free to explore and examinate them – Evie will need this most. 0 skill points are required, as you will acquire it in the first sequence together with Knockout, Stealth Navigation and Air Assassination. Kidnap and Double Assassination also need 0 skill points but you will get it in Sequence 2.

Lockpicking I and II open respectively locked chests (with money, resources and rewards) and doors in London apart from those requiring a master key. You will unlock them with one and two skill points, and Lockpicking II also needs you to reach level 2.

Intimidation requires two skill points, level 2 and Kidnap. With it activated, kidnapped enemies won’t try and escape from your hands – honestly, I would activate it right in the end of the game, as you can keep them just pressing a button, in case.

Loot Takedown requires you to have one skill point and complete the first sequence. Activate this as soon as you can, since it will grab loot coming from dead or kidnapped enemies automatically, allowing you to save a lot of time.

Stealth I and Stealth II both require 2 skill points, increasing your Stealth stat by 7 each. Of course this is Evie’s priority, but Jacob is an assassin, too, so you might want him to be as silent as possible.

First Strike I and First Strike II requires 2 and 6 skill points respectively, and will allow you to start the fight with enemies already severely damaged in case you attack them first. FSII might also be able to kill them before the fight actually starts!

Assassin Steps requires two skill points and level 3, and lets you reduce the damage from falls and make no noice at all when you land and walk. Evie will appreciate.

Knife Master I is the only Knife Master version you will be able to get with both the characters. It requires 2 skill points and level 3, so it’s pretty expensive. If you perform multi-kills, it allows you to recover the knives you “spend”, and also throwing knives will make you stun enemies. Really good in case you prefer knives to guns.


Ecosystem skill tree lets you recruit Rooks, use carriages, hunt down and open chests, so it’s not something related to combat at all. It’s the most useful thing you can upgrade throughout Assassin’s Creed Syndicate in case you don’t just want to complete the story mode and give up with the game.

Countershot, Eagle Vision I, Fast Driver, Leadership I, II and III will require 0 skill points for you to unlock them. By the way, Leadship will set some level requirements (respectively 2, 3 and 5), and lets you provide your Rooks with increasingly more advanced commands.

Eagle Vision II and III brings back the iconic feature from all of the previous Assassin’s Creed games, letting you watch enemies through walls, tag them and even have them displayed on the map.

Scavenger I and II need respectively one and two skill points for you to activate, and let you find out more materials to craft your stuff up from chests and big chests spread through London. The first comes with the Sequence 1, for the second you will be required level 2.

Defense I and II will both need two skill points, reducing respectively melee and ranged damage. For Defense I you will be required level 2, for Defense II you’ll need level 3.

Gunslinger I lets your gun to reload automatically while trying to shoot in the middle of a combo. It requires two skill points and level 3.

Driver I and Driver II let you respectively reduce collisions’ impact on your carriage and on the speed you are running at, and accelerate significantly faster. They require 2 and 4 skill points, level 3 and level 5 in order to be unlocked.

Demolition Derby is the ultimate driving skill: requiring 6 skill points and level 6, it allows your carriage to inflict more damage while reducing the damage took.