Avanti Savoia Field Manual Location – Battlefield 1

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Avanti Savoia is the third Campaign Mission in Battlefield 1. Unlike the Friends in High Places, third War Story only contains 10 Field Manual and they are very easy to locate. This guide will show you where exactly to find all 10 Field Manuals in this campaign mission. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the hunting.

Avanti Savoia Field Manual

Field Manual Location in Avanti Savoia

O La Vittoria

Field Manual 1

After capturing the St. Anastasia capture zone, make your way towards the church to look right and spot the first building on the left. Make your way inside to find this first Field Manual of Avanti Savoia.

Field Manual 2

Continue your road down and keep right from the church to look for a fork on your way. Climb the wooden fence line to the left and make your way up the hill towards the trenches to grab this Field Manual from the trench with the wooden platform atop.

Field Manual 3

While in ‘Assault the Artillery Gun’ follow the objective marker until you reach the hill. Now keep the head up and make your way in a small trench to the right of the main path. Look for a wooden platform covering the trench which has your Field Manual with it.

Field Manual 4

Once you make it to the underground bunker take right after a set of stairs down. After you make into the larger room, look to your right to spot this Field Manual hiding away in the corner.

Field Manual 5

After disabling the artillery gun, your job is head up the hill towards the next objective. Just behind the AA gun’s sight, you will look at the set of trenches that can be followed. Look for this Field Manual just between the two paths that lead to the trenches.

O TuttiAccoppati

Field Manual 6

While on ‘Search for Matteo’ objective, you must follow the trenches down the hill and continue looking for a damaged barn. Make your way towards the barn to spot this Field Manual beside the dirt road.

Field Manual 7

After defending make your way down the hill to find the trenches near the objective marker towards the left. Inside of the bunker, you will find Matteo’s unit and this Field Manual.

Field Manual 8

Once you arrive at the front of the trenches facing the mountain keep following the path from the concrete wall up to the bunker entrance. Inside you will find this Field Manual waiting in a small room.

Field Manual 9

Once you enter the fort at the top of the hill through the wall you must first clear out the Austrian soldiers. Now look for this Field Manual along with the exterior wall, just behind the structure on the right-hand side of the area.

Field Manual 10

At the center of the fort in this mission ‘Clear the Austrian Horn’, you must head down into the bunker until you get the ‘Leaving Combat Area’ message. At this point, rush to the end of the rows of bed to find this Field Manual on the left.

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