Aya: Blade of the Goddess Walkthrough – Assassin’s Creed Origins

In the last Quest: Way Of The Gabiniani, Bayek killed the mercenaries who plotted Cleopatra’s assassination, later in this part you will be playing as Aya. First fighting with a fleet of the ship and then heading to Alexandria to fight other soldiers. There is also a major task of lighting the Pharos so that Caesar can move ahead in his battle.

Aya: Blade of the Goddess Walkthrough - Assassin's Creed Origins

Main Quest Aya: Blade of the Goddess Walkthrough

Speak to Aya:


You have to choose Yes for Sail to Alexandria for your next quest. Once again there is a naval mission. Steer the ship ahead and you will see a bunch of ships ahead. Sink the fleet. You can circle around the ships in the area and attack them continuously. At the start, you will find a few low-level ships. Once done head to the next marker, and you will spot four more of them. Avoid getting near or in between the ships. Maintain a distance and keep attacking the weaker points of the ship, target one at a time. The ship also has a Catapult that will help you to instantly sink a ship with low health. You have to be pretty quick here


Once done, you will see a huge ship avoid going near to the ship, it will bash into you that will cause a very high damage. the time till the ship is dragging you, your health bar will keep on falling. Best is to sail on the sides in a circular format and keep shooting on the same. if you stay at a distance you can withstand the damage from the arrows, but if you are near, the ship can simply bash into your ship causing a high damage. Sink all the ships around. After a cutscene, follow Aya.

Reach the tomb Entrance:


Go the tomb entrance, and then you have to investigate the area, use Animus pulse to locate the four points around. Two are in your front, one broken spears and other is the door, there will be two more on the left. For the final one, you have to break the wall and enter. Explore the tunnels, follow Bayek. Break the pots on the ride and glide through the small hole in the wall and jump down. Swim below and you will find a passage, keep swimming and you will find another opening that will take you to the other side of the tunnel. Look for the crack in the wall on your left side, this will end the tunnel part and you will be in the tomb. go near the tomb and then open the door on the opposite side.

Rescue Caesar’s emissaries:


Next, you have to head to a castle ahead, there you will have to rescue Caesar’s envoy, Bayek will simply enter from the main gate, so planning does not work here. You will have to enter and fight with the guards in it. Try to kill all the guards first, instead of hurrying for rescue. You will find the injured emissary, which will reveal the identity of The Scorpion – Pothinus. Get back to the palace, and carry the emissary with you.

Reach the top of the Pharos:


After reaching the harbor you will see a lot of burning walk through the fallen tree and then cross the wooden logs to reach your target ahead. After you fall down, swim towards the target, try staying hidden, use Animus pulse to locate the guards around. There will be support, you can skip the guards and climb on the top of Pharos. The building is a tall structure, as you climb up you have to swing towards the left side, and jump over the head of the statue, it will take you to the left of the building. Keep climbing up and you will find a window. Enter that, and kill the soldiers in your path. you will have to get out from the next window and climb further up, now you will be near the red flags, there is another window, as you enter there will be a cutscene.

Kill the Guardian:


The guardian is a Level 31 enemy, with a hammer. The strike of the guardian can consume a high amount of health at a time. arrows can shop him for a while, keep shooting on the head and when he bashes into you dodge. Stay behind the columns it will slow the guy down. Avoid indulging into a hand to hand combat if you are low on the level. Go near the door and go further up. You will have to climb on the top of the tower.

In the last cut scene you will see Aya was able to light the Pharon, and then Bayek moves ahead with Caesar in the fight. You can read our walkthrough on next Quest: The Battle of the Nile or you can also read our Assassin’s Creed Origins Wiki guide for more tips and updates on the game.