Find Aya, Assassinate Gennadios And Snake Walkthrough – Assassin’s Creed Origins

In the previous Main Quest The False Oracle, Bayek found and assassinated Medunamun one of the four targets he is looking for. Next, he heads to Alexandria to find Snake, his second target with the help of Aya. In the cutscene, you will see Layla, in a short objective you will be controlling her for a while. Interact with the Animus after some time, to enter back.


Once you are back, you will have to ride towards Alexandria. Aya is a Level 10 Main Quest, where Bayek will be searching for his wife. Before we begin with the main quest it is best to level up the character, following the strategy of playing side quest at Alexandria is best, it will make your path ahead easier to kill enemies. As you enter you will see the regions unlocked and a side quest Ambush the Temple. Track it and you will find a priest inside. Before going to the temple, you will see the fast travel points that you can activate at the beginning, it will be easier for you to move around while playing side quest.

Side Quest – Ambush the Temple

Reward: 900XP

Where to find the Four Kids

Head to the temple and you will find Menehet, talking to him and start the tour of Temple. Follow him, for the next cutscene. After that, there is a short objective of you to locate the four kids hiding in the temple. The easiest way is to use Senu and fly around the temple, and you will be able to lock on all four targets.

Go to Hypostyle Hall and behind the right column you will find Nailah, go outside and look for a hyena cage, there you will find Soris, on the roof you will find Hasina and the last one, Keba is in the well you can see from the roof. To help Keba outbreak the wooden gate to open the tunnel. Next get back to Menehet. While you visit back to Menehet you will see a man complaining about fraud in the market, this will trigger a quest. This completes Ambush the Temple Quest and starts a new one Ulterior Votive.

Side Quest – Ulterior Votive

Reward 600XP

Meet the merchants in Yamu Market


After talking to Menehet, you will find some issue in the market, you can head to the market to investigate the progress. Here you will have to talk to three merchants, the first one will be at the start of a market and then just after that there is a second one, the third one is on the right. Al three are nearby to each other, listens to the voice of women who are talking about fake mummies. The merchant will tell you to meet at night. If you have the ability Dawn & Dusk, you can instantly shift the time to night and talk to the merchant at the farm. Next, kill the bandits. These are called by the merchant, talk to him back. He will tell you about the bandit camp of fake mummies.

Find the bandit camp


Follow the marker and you will reach the bandit camp in the desert, use Eagle vision to lock down all the bandits around. The bands are Level 6, Level 7 and Level 8 enemies. If you are below that then you have to play with patience. Without engaging much into the battle, you can kill the distant one through bows. If you ambush all bandits will try to kill you, so sneak around and target those who are at the corners first. Try taking head shots so that you don’t have to struggle much.

Destroy the caches of false religious icons

Poison Dart ability is pretty helpful here, it will cost you two Ability points, but it will help you to take down multiple enemies. The dart can contaminate nearby enemies. Once done destroy all the caches. if you try to directly engage with higher level enemies you can take a high damage. once done you have to get back to the temple to talk to Menehet. While returning you will see a blue marker on the screen, if this will unlock a new quest Avenge iRevolution that you can play later. To complete the current quest go to the temple and talk to Menehet, he will tell about Pamu which unlock Level 8 quest Lady of Slaughter.

Side Quest – Lady of Slaughter

Reward 800XP & a Legendary Outfit (Sekhmet Costume)

Find and Bring Pamu to Menehet

Head to Village Tavern, carry him and return to the temple. You have to take him to Menehet, and this will trigger a cutscene. Next visit the High Priest, for replacing Pamu. Next enter the ring to face Isfte’s fighter. He is a spear and shield-carrying guard. Isfet is a Level 7 enemy, you can use your shield to block his attack, his spear will turn red when he stacks, that is the time you can shun him and attack multiple times. He is having a decent amount of health bar.


You will not be allowed to change weapon, your shield and spear is only your weapon similar to the competitor. Instead of blocking much of his attack try to dodge it, you will get a small window where you can attack him. He will charge and attack you, so dodge and then he will slow down a bit, that’s your time to give some combo hits. Keep doing this once your Overpower ability is full, you can then trigger it and cause the higher amount of damage. Begin with breaking his guard first then again you can perform powerful combos as you dodge his attacks. Avoid staying much near, and be patient when you are fighting.

Side Quest – Avenge iRevolution

Reward 250XP

This is a Level 8 side quest that you can play now after defeating Isfet it is possible you to reach Level 8 at least. In this quest, you have to find and kill the perpetrators. Head to the yellow marker, and kill the perpetrators.

Side Quest – Find the book of the Dead

Reward 600XP

This side quest can be unlocked from an old main in the market area. It is a Level 8 side quest where you have to fight with bandits to find a Book of the Dead that is taken from an old man. You will have to find the book, so hit the track to begin the side quest. You will have to ride towards the south side of Yamu to find the Necropolis. In your path you might have to face more bandits, so best use the Eagle vision to track down the target and bandits around.


Once you get the locations of bandits, the max level enemy you will be facing is Level 8, so this task is doable even if you ambush, but better is to sneak from behind, take cover around. You will earn 25XP extra for locating the hideout. Take a position where you can be unnoticed, and use the bow and arrow to get a headshot of each bandit guarding the hideout. Use Animus pulse to get the location of bandits approaching you. They will attack you with spear and arrows. After killing the captain enter the cave, and use Animus pulse to locate the objects and book. Take it back to the old man, next you have to go to the Temple. This completes the quest.

Side Quest – Hidden Tax

Reward 600XP

There is a woman wandering near the lake, she is looking for her husband after interacting with her you can trigger Hidden Tax quest. Once you track the quest go to Lake Mareotis for which you have to take a boat, and go towards the other side. There are some pillars around, use the Eagle to locate the crocodiles in the lake, you have to kill them one by one.


After killing all the crocodiles, you will have to speak to Klaudios. He will follow you to the boat, take him back to his wife. Next, you will have to save the man from bandits. This completes the quest and you earn 600XP.

Side Quest – Birthright

Reward 600XP

On the map, you can track a Level 9 Side quest Birthright. Go the target point, and you will find some dead bodies. Then speak to embalmer about the corpses. He will tell you about the only survivor Iras, you have to find her next at the family farm. As you reach the farm in the desert you will notice soldiers around, use the eagle vision to track each target. There are many.


There are Level 10, Level 8 and Level 9 soldiers around, so if you ambush you will surely die. Better to stay in cover and take a headshot using bow and arrow on one those who are at the outer side of the farm. Stay in cover, there is a lot of grass on the farm in which you can hide. The Eagle vision will help you to locate the hiding points. use poison darts, for killing affecting multiple enemies. Once you are done killing all, you will find Iras coming out from a well. After talking to her you have to head to the master’s villa, to get the info that is located at the north of date farm.


Use the Eagle vision to track down all possible targets in the villa, survey the area properly. There is a Level 9 Defender in the Lakeside Villa outpost with other guards around. You can sneak from the backside killing the guards one by one. Taking down the Level 9 defender will ease your work a lot all you have to do is go from the backside, and from the door use an arrow for a headshot. Near the red tent, on the table, you will get a letter from Sophronios. This will be your next target. Clear out other soldiers in the area, and then head to assassinate Sophronios.


Once done head to Sophronios location that is far ahead. In your path you will also find a King Ptolemy statue, destroying it will reward you 150XP. Avoid jumping into the lake there are crocodiles. You will reach to a building ahead, use Eagle Vision to lock the targets, you will see a new region with a lot of soldiers wandering around. Instead of going down stay on the boundaries, run ahead and you will spot Sophronios with a few guards. You can easily kill the guy from the top without indulging into a fight. Confirm kill the target and you will earn 600XP. This also completes the quest. Now you can play the main quest Aya.

Main Quest Aya Walkthrough

Reward 1250XP

Once you are done playing all the above side quest your character could have easily progressed to at least Level-9, and you can head to the main quest Aya. This one is a Level 10 quest. As you track the same you will have to meet Aya at the Library. Inside the Library go near the statue of Serapis and interact. This will trigger a cutscene. Follow Phanos, and he will lead you to a well. Climb on top and then go down, jump into the well below. Walk through the cave and on the table you will find Aya’s note, interact. After the cutscene, a few new Quests will unlock, along with a new weapon Hidden Blade. You will get an ability point and your character Level will be raised to 10.

A few new quests will unlock like End Of The Snake and Gennadios the Phylakitai. Before moving ahead with the Aya’s main quest objective Assassinate Gennadios and the Snake you will have to Level up to 12. You can gain 100XP on activating each Fast Travel Point. You have to complete the below two quests before continuing to meet Aya, after assassinating both of them go back and speak to Aya at the Paneion. This completes Aya’s quest.

Main Quest Gennadios the Phylakitai Walkthrough

Reward 500XP

You can begin with killing Gennadios a Level 11 Main Quest. He is the one who is determined to assassinate Aya. Once you select this quest, you have to head to the East. Survey through Eagle Vision and you will find a guarded area, along with Gennadios who is a Level 11 enemy.

Where To Find and Assassinate Gennadios


If you pick this quest to begin, then simply head to the east of Alexandria. You will see a heavily guarded area along with Gennadios in between. He is a Level 11 enemy so you have to be at least on Level 10 to deal with him, or else you can die instantly. So use the Eagle vision first to mark his locations. You can avoid all other soldiers in the area. There are Level 8, Level 9 and Level 10 Guards around. So alerting them all will be a risk. There are Level 11 guards also, so you have to move strategically through the roofs without getting noticed.


Mark all the targets one by one, before approaching the area. This new location where you will kill the target is Akra Garrison. It is a restricted area, there are ample of guards at the entrance, you can climb up the wall on the right of main entrance. Avoid staying much in range. Once you reach the roof, try killing low-level guards with a headshot. It will help you to move ahead slowly. Try to go near Gennadios, at some points if you had unlocked the Trap ability, you can set traps to slow down enemies. Once you shoot him, he will charge towards you, let him come so that he can be isolated from his guards. You will get enough time to attack him. Dodge his attacks that can be lethal. Confirm kill and wait for the next cutscene.

Phylakes a new type of enemies, the bounty hunters will be now behind you. They will attack you on sight, so you have to be alert if you spot them in the city. Killing Gennadios will complete the objective, there are some location objectives you can play to gain some more XP.

Main Quest End of the Snake Wakthrough

Reward 1000XP & Outfit (Bathouse Towel)


Once you are done killing Gennadios, your next objective is to find and kill Snake. Your final target among the four members of the Ancient order. You have to reach the Royal Scribe’s office in the north of palace to locate him. Your character will earn a good Level so that you can finally assassinate your primary target. Once you reach the office, investigate the office, on the table, you can see scrolls. You will have to find about Snake. In the office, use Animus pulse to locate the investigation points. The first is a scroll on the table, next climb on the statue, and on the left side, you can find some scrolls. This will give you a key, get down and there is a box on the right of the table. Open the same and it will trigger a cutscene.


You will find Eudoros, the Royal Scribe is Snake, and next, you have to reach the bathhouse. This will also reward you +500XP. Without creating many alerts, if you had activated the fast travel point, you can exit the Royal Palace really fast. Enter the bathhouse, and your Assassination task begins. Slowly walk towards the target, as you are not having any armor or weapon, you have to go slow. There are two guards who are blocking the entrance where Eudoros is resting.


After you enter the bathhouse, use Animus Pulse to locate the guard, go left, and there are stairs that will take you up. This will help you to hide from all the soldiers below, they are all Level 12 guards, fighting them without a weapon is next to impossible. If you raise an alarm they all will charge towards you. Go up, and turn right, then go left, and take another left. It will lead you to the target’s room. he is resting below. You can jump down to kill him. Escape the bathhouse, instead of going out, you can climb up back on the top, and exit from the same location fro, where you climbed up. Go and meet Aya.


So here we end the third part of Assassins Creed Origins walkthrough, Bayek is able to get Aya back and kill his all four targets. You can read our walkthrough next Quest Egypt’s Meday, or you can refer our Assassins Creed Origins Wiki guide for more tips and updates on the game.