Batman: Arkham Knight Guide, Here’s How To Activate Auto Save and Disable Annoying Startup Logos

Batman: Arkham Knight

In the following lines, we will explain you how to disable startup logos in Batman: Arkham Knight. Those can be a bit annoying when you are trying to have a short and fast experience with the game you love, in this case the PC version of Rocksteady’s now available masterpiece.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Here’s how to, then. Go to Batman: Arkham Knight folder and find “Movies”. E.g.: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Knight\BMGame\Movies”.

Now look for “Intro_BM3Logo_fire.usm” and “nv_logo.usm”. Then rename them into something else, adding “old” if you prefer to make their easier to find and restore in case you need. That’s it.

Talking about short gaming sessions, what about if you need the auto save to work better than it actually does in the original PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight? This trick can make the game auto save whenever you want.

Just start any AR Challenge and immediately select “abort challenge” using the pause menu. Once you do this, the game auto saves automatically.

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