Chapter 6: East End Walkthrough – Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 1 The Enigma


In the previous chapter, GCPD Batman had a conversation with Gordon regarding Riddler’s location on the East End. In this chapter Batman get to the East end location to find more about Riddler with Gordon and gets himself trapped and makes a way out of there with Gordon’s help. He also finds the answer on how Lucius died. He also tries to find a solution for saving other special agents lives. So let’s get started.

Batman: The Enemy Within

Chapter 6 – East End 6:35 PM Complete Walkthrough

As the cut scene enters while zooming into the east ends water tower, Batman appears, while looking for someone and then Gordon hopes in. Keep moving ahead and examine the area and as you move ahead towards the stairs, the doors get locked and you have no other choice than getting down stairs.

Now here you will have to first examine each and everything thing right from the dead body to the Torture Booth. As you examine and move further Gordon will have an idea of checking out Riddler’s computer and collect data from it and then link the examined thing.

Link the shoes with a floor of the torture booth, the Polarized glass with the TV and the Fingers to the Safes. And then as you get all the holographic images, link all the holographic images to each other to know what’s the cause of the Agent’s Death was.

Solving Riddler’s Polarized Death Chamber Puzzle

As all this is done there will be a conversation between Batman and Gordon with below choices to pick.

  1. Would you rather go in?
  2. I’ll need your help.
  3. I won’t fail.

We went with the Second option and as Batman enters, the Cage shuts and the heat starts. Rotate the Wheel to see what’s written on the on the TV and as you open the Door, the safes open and the ultrasonic device comes down.

Puzzle is: “One won’t see trouble, and one tells no lies. Ask the third if he hides the prize.”

As this, all begin get to the Safe and open the Safe with a mask whose both the ears are missing (Hear no Evil).Well!!! You know what will happen if you open the wrong safe so don’t make that mistake.

The Enemy Within Chapter 6 Walkthrough

As the correct safe is been opened, the sound stops and just to be on safer side Batman cuts the ultra sonic device. And then collect the Missile and have a look at it, on examining the missile it’s been understood how, Lucius died. To which the TV get’s on and Riddler starts speaking, the options to answer are.

  1. I’m closing in on you.
  2. Give up before it’s too late
  3. Haven’t you killed enough?

We went with the Second option and as the story continues Riddler talks more about The Agency to which the options are.

  1. Whatever it takes to stop you.
  2. They’re not my friends.
  3. You’re a worse enemy.

We took the First option and the story continues, where Riddler says how he changed because of The Agency to which Gordon replies as Waller is not that bad and Then Riddler says I don’t use her name it way too long story. And the options to reply are.

  1. You’re still responsible.
  2. I don’t feel sorry for you.
  3. You can’t manipulate me.

As he was responsible we went with the First option and as the story continues, Riddler put all the blame on Batman. For Lucius death and he uses his sources whenever he needs to. To which the Option is.

  1. I don’t sacrifice lives!
  2. Don’t put your crimes on me.
  3. You’ll pay for luscious death!

We opt for the Second option and then as the story continues Riddler goes of Saying GAME ON! And then Batman moves out from there and the scene cuts and comes back from the outside of the water tower and they continue having a conversation. Where Gordon asks Batman about Lucius and Batman has the below options.

  1. [Lie] Riddler was lying
  2. I worked with him.
  3. I can’t tell you.

We went with the Second option and the conversation continues as Gordon ask more where to trust or no, the options are.

  1. This stays between us.
  2. It’s hard to talk about.
  3. It’s your decision.

We left the thing to him by choosing the Third option and the conversation continues and Gordon apologizes for his Loss. And Batman Leave from there and there is a cut scene. In the next scene Batman enters his Hide out and Alfred starts a conversation with him, this is a dangerous situation where Gordon might come to know who Batman is actually. The replies to pick are.

  1. You worry too much.
  2. I think you’re right
  3. I couldn’t lie.

So as we were too close to Lucius we went for the Third option. and then the conversation continued between them, Alfred asks regarding anything he came to know about how did Lucius died to which Batman shows the Homing Missile that he got from Riddler’s workshop and starts a holographic presentation on how Lucius died.

As the story continues Alfred feels sad for losing Lucius as the part of the family secret, Batman has the option to choose as.

  1. We’ll need to recruit
  2. We can’t despair.
  3. I still have you.

We love Alfred so we went with the Third option and then story continued, Batman brought the Riddler’s Hit list into the picture and tried solving it, you will have to Link the agent’s data to the holographic presentation. Then Link the missile launcher to the Agency cell phone and this will complete the presentation.

Bruce moves to his computer and talks with Alfred regarding that it will be tough to watch this, to which Alfred firmly replies “I can handle it” for Bruce replies as.

  1. You’re indestructible, Alfred.
  2. I don’t want you to see this.
  3. Let’s get it over with then.

We went with the First option and then after some more conversation Bruce started with the video, to which after a while Alfred said to switch to only to audio form and then after listening went to bring some tea.

Bruce started to solve the waveform and here you will have to link two different waveforms with the same waveform. And then as the story continues Bruce receives a message from John, stating that East and he has got no clues of Riddler and Mori is in his Hit List to which Bruce replies as.

  1. Why Mori?
  2. Great work, John.
  3. I’ll check it out.

We went with appreciating him on the Second option and as the story continues Bruce tells Alfred to get him all the information about Mori on Bat computer. And then you have two options to see are:

  1. Rumi Mori
  2. Eli knable

You will have to look for both the options and then decide what to do on it. You will basically have two options to choose from, which will completely decode the rest of the story and it will take you to two different parts, either by going to The Virago or to GCPD.

That’s all for chapter 6. You can read our next walkthrough on Chapter 7 Either The Virago or GCPD. Or check out our Batman: The Enemy within Wiki Guide for more tips and tricks on this game.