Chapter 7: Meeting Mori or Interrogating Eli Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 1 The Enigma


In previous Chapter East End, Bruce and Gordon Gets in Riddlers trap and make a way out of there and get the answer on, how Lucius got killed. In this chapter we have Two Option to choose which will heavily affect the End Story of this episode. So Buckle up your seat belts and let’s get going.

Batman Mori or Eli

Chapter 7 – Meeting Mori or Interrogating Eli Complete Walkthrough

From the last Chapter 6 – East End you know we had two options to choose i.e.: we either, go and meet Mori as Bruce Wayne or Interrogate Eli as Batman. Choose the option very carefully as this will make a heavy impact on the end of this Episode. And now to the point, no matter whatever you do Waller is going to know in the end that Bruce Wayne and Batman are same. So being loyal to Gordon will be a good option and we went with it.

Meeting Mori at The Virago:

When Mori is been selected, Bruce gets into his car and heads to The Virago, Mori’s Casino.

  • Here you will have to look at the Special Agents first.
  • Then make your way to Mori’s Cubical and start the conversation.
  • You will have an option out here that, you take the data Forcefully or let Mori Leave Gotham Safely.
  • As Waller knows everything about us so we went with the First option on taking the data Forcefully, so that the case lead doesn’t escape.

Interrogating Eli at GCPD:

As selecting Eli, Batman will make his way to GCPD in his Bat mobile.

  • As you enter GCPD an officer will approach you, have a conversation and then Waller hopes in.
  • She leads you to Eli’s interrogation room, while asking you on any update.
  • While it’s your call you want to be Loyal to whom, Gordon or Waller and choose your option.
  • As you start the Interrogation, you can try being a good cop or a bad cop.
  • Being good is better, because in either of the situations, in the end you will be getting Riddler’s Lead by select the [Buff him with the signal].

That’s all for chapter 7, you need to make a tough decision, All the Best! You can read our next walkthrough on Chapter 8 The Lady of Dublin or check our Batman: The Enemy Within Wiki Guide for more tips and tricks on this game.