All Endings Walkthrough – Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 1 The Enigma


In previous chapter, Meeting Mori or Interrogating Eli, you got two options to choose between Mori and Eli. In this chapter you will make your way to the Ship (The lady of Dublin). Fight with Riddler, with having multiple option for the lives of the Agents, he has trapped and then in the end of the chapter Riddler dies. This is the last chapter of this episode – The Enigma. Be careful with your choices as this will affect the end part.

Batman Lady of Dubin

Chapter 8 – The Lady of Dublin 10:38 PM Complete Walkthrough

Following Things will happen no matter which ending you choose.

Common Fight Sequel:

Move ahead by walking and hiding behind the boxes and container. And then take down all the guards around Riddler. After this throw a shock emitter on Riddler causing him to faint. Get to Avesta and release her. And then as you get trapped by Riddler, the story changes.

On the third question Avesta tells Batman, I’ll distract him and you try to get us out of here. And then you will have to link Missile Array to the Bat Gauntlet and then the Cage to the Bat Cam and Avesta to the Death Chamber. And then you will answer the question and make a blast. But before that Riddler will make the last Sonic Blast.

After which you will have a small fight with Riddler and while getting more information from him, someone from the shadows will kill him.

Common events occur in both endings:

  • Riddler will be killed
  • Batman’s Identity will be revealed as Bruce Wayne

Ending 1 No One Dies:

  • You have to answer to Riddler’s question.
  • In-order to save everyone’s life answers all the questions correctly.
  • Which will cause Agent Avesta to be Deaf.
  • On your further, answer’s to the question, Gordon will either Loose trust on you or will build more Bond with you.

Ending 2 Blake Dies:

  • Answer the Questions that Riddler asks.
  • Give one answer wrong or go against him and one of the agents will die.
  • On your further, answer’s to the question, Gordon will either Loose trust on you or will build more Bond with you.

That’s all for chapter 8, and well that’s all for this Episode The Enigma. Stay tuned for the next episode of Batman: The Enemy Within and you can also read our The Enemy Within Wiki Guide for more tips and tricks on this game.