Chapter 1: The Virago Walkthrough – Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 1 The Enigma


Batman being a title from Telltale you will be having a multiple choices to choose from, on which the story of the game will rely on and even the ending. The open window to select the option will be only for 5 seconds.

Batman Telltale Virago Enemy Within

Chapter 1: The Virago Walkthrough

As the game start, you have the choice to choose tech color. This will only affect the Batman’s Gears, Gadget and UI. After this the story starts, and you will see a short intro. And as the camera pans out from the screen, the new threat to the city is been having an eye playing with his riddle. Yes, it’s Riddler this time.


As the camera pans out from the casino table at 11:42 pm, Alfred and Bruce having a conversation and you have the option to choose from.

  1. We all hide our true selves
  2. You can become the role
  3. I never forgot who I am

Spying Mori

We took option 3 and as we move ahead we had to hack for Mori’s mobile so, that the conversation could be heard. As Bruce moves to a table close to Mori, to have a look at him, pretty lady hops in with her question for Bruce and you have 3 options to answer her.

  1. I’m undercover. Shh.
  2. Looking for a thrill.
  3. not my type.

We took the 3rd one and the Riddler appears on Mori’s table. After having a conversation with Alfred he confirmed that it’s Riddler and as Bruce moves ahead the Lady enters in back with a question “Are you always this rude?” to answer this 3 options are.

  1. [Lie] Meet me outside
  2. Come with me
  3. Go away

Batman Telltale Virago 1

We tried to make her go quick but in a calm manner, so we went with the first option. She gets mad at Bruce and leaves.

Getting the suit

After which Riddler kills the Guard and Stops Mori from escaping, and hold some hostages. As you leave from there to get your Suit, you followed by a gang member, to whom you will have to fight using some keys like ‘E’, ‘Shift’ and some mouse clicks and arrows buttons. After knocking him out, Bruce moves to collect his Suit while giving Gordon all the important information. And then select the Mask to Gear Up.

Knocking the Guard out

After the cut scene, the story starts from the casino where Riddler has kept some Hostages and Putting Mori in his Punishing Tube (Torture Device). And tell him to answer his riddle to get out of it alive. While all this is happening Batman sends his Bat Drone to have a look at the situation. Get to the Cashier, there are two Guards, Knock him down (using ‘Q’ key), without getting noticed.

As the story progresses Gordon contacts and ask how to Charge in, the options are:

  1. Make a Frontal Assault.
  2. Hit them with Tear Gas.

Encounter with Riddler

Batman Telltale Virago 2

In-order to distract them we take on for the 2nd option. And to clear the path Batman Runs in to stop Riddler. Using the Keys and Mouse fight with The Riddler’s Right hand, and then you will have 2 options either to Shock him(Q) or Tie Him down(E). We went to Shock him and believe us, it was cool to see that.

Batman Telltale Virago 3

And then Riddler gets hold of you from your back. Here you will 3 choices:

  1. You are just ordinary scum.
  2. You’re yesterday’s news.
  3. You don’t know me.

Batman Telltale Virago 4

We went for the 3rd one and as the conversation went on Batman called Gordon to Charge in. And as Gordon charges, you will face a close combat with Riddler and as you keep fighting and dodging his attacks, he will try to run after a blast. Also he will start the torture machine to kill Mori. Here Press ’E’ and quickly cut the Power Supply.

Batman Telltale Virago 5

Then Follow Riddler to Stop him and again get into a close combat with him, after answering his question with.

  1. To prove you wrong.
  2. I believe in Justice.
  3. I save people.

Batman Telltale Virago 6 Batman Telltale Virago 7

We went with option 2. And the fight begins after the talk and after a while Riddler blast the platform causing it to fall and escape, leaving a clue box for Batman. Batman jumps down to save Gordon from the falling huge ball. After which Waller makes an entry and then there is a cut scene.

A word with Gordon

While in the next scene batman collects the riddle and has a conversation with Gordon, you have below to answer.

  1. Well, he did escape.
  2. He’d never met me.
  3. He’s arrogant.

Not so introduction with Waller

We went for 2nd option and after the conversation, Waller comes in and has a word with Batman to which you have below options to answer:

  1. And you are?
  2. I haven’t had the pleasure.
  3. I don’t like your attitude.

Choosing the 2nd option seemed a bit more digesting so we went with it. And again after a small conversation we had the below options:

  1. You could have warned us.
  2. Good thing you are here.
  3. Never heard of you.

We went for the second one and there was a positive reaction from Waller. And after telling the story of Riddler you get some more choice to choose and answer to team-up with Waller.

  1. I only work with Gordon.
  2. I don’t need a team.
  3. That’s a good idea.

We wanted to be positive so the reply was the Third option, and as the story moves ahead the argument between Gordon and Waller heats up a bit more, you have below option to handle it.

  1. You’re right, Waller.
  2. I made the call.
  3. Back off.

Introduction to Agent Avesta

We went for saying the truth with option 2. And Waller left leaving a special agent (Iman Avesta) and her partner (Agent Blake) behind for having some more conversation about Riddler and again you are left with options to answer.

  1. He wanted a solution to a riddle.
  2. They had some kind deal.
  3. Riddler’s just insane.

We went with the second option and after a while Avesta starts talking to you as she is a big fan of you, and asks you a question, to which you have below options to pick.

  1. I don’t like your insinuation.
  2. It’s unavoidable.
  3. Of course I am.

We selected second option and as Batman were about to leave, Waller walked in and started a conversation to which option are:

  1. Riddler left me a Puzzle.
  2. Stay out of my way
  3. I don’t like threats.
  4. [Grapple away]

We thought if we are partnering with her so let her know, so we selected the first answer. Letting her to know about the puzzle. And there is an end for chapter one.

So this was the end of Chapter, one, you can read our Walkthrough on Chapter 2:Wayne Manor or you can also read our Batman: The Enemy Within Wiki Guide for more tips and tricks on this game.