Chapter 2: Wayne Manor Walkthrough – Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 1 The Enigma


In Chapter 1: The Virago, Batman had an encounter with Riddler, and in Chapter 2: Wayne Manor, Bruce gets to his Mansion and starts a scan for the mystery box which was been given to him by Riddle before escaping. And as he searches he comes up with a different kind of waveform frequency from the device and rushes to solve it with the help of his old friend Lucius. So without wasting much of the time lest start with the guide.

Wayne Manor Walkthrough

Chapter 2 – Wayne Manor 4:39 AM Walkthrough

Conversation with Alfred:

In the start screen the bat mobile enters and Bruce keeps the Riddler’s Box on a table while thanking Alfred for the refreshment. Bruce walks to the old gramophone, here you will have an option to choose from the music style from.

  1. Jazz
  2. Ambient
  3. Classical

Listening to music after a classic day is the most amazing one, so after choosing option 2 the story continuous.

Now while on your way, on getting to the computer, to the right you can have a look at the collection section, where you will find that there are some empty space to fill, now as you proceed ahead while having a conversation with Alfred you will see his hand shivering. Now your reply options are:

  1. I always worry about my family.
  2. Get that looked at.
  3. I’ll try not to.

Searching for Data:

As we are family we opt for option 1 and then get on the computer and have a look at the data of Agency Files., while moving ahead you will have 3 options:

  1. They’re going to make things harder
  2. Waller seems dangerous
  3. They’re on our side

After selecting the second option and after the conversation is over get to the next file, where you will get to know everything about Riddler, as the story moves ahead the option you have for Riddler are:

  1. Arkham has plenty of room
  2. No. his victims need help
  3. You’re getting soft

Selecting the 1st option will run the remaining of the video that you previously saw. Get to the last file of data of Codex and after having a look at all the files, go back and move towards the Mysterious box.

Riddler Puzzle Box’s Solution:

Wayne Manor Msyterybox

While listening to what Alfred says open the box and continue with the process to open the box and then the answer in options are:

  1. Eye of a hurricane?
  2. Eye of a needle?
  3. A one-eyed Jack?
  4. Blind justice?

Right answer is Eye of a needle, however we blindly we went with the 3rd option and then something struck to Bruce and wanted to play the disc. So make your way to the Gramophone and play the Disc.

Have a Word with Lucius:

After the disc is been played a different form of wave from is been playing on the disc, so Bruce tells Alfred to call Lucius to know something about it. And then makes his way out to Wayne Tower.

That’s all for chapter 2, you can read our next walkthrough on Chapter 3 Wayne Tower or check our Batman: The Enemy Within Wiki Guide for more tips and tricks on this game.