Mission 11 The Battle of Jakku Walkthrough – Star Wars Battlefront II

In the last mission Cache Grab, Lando and Shriv instead of retrieving the weapon from Abandoned Factory on Sullust, destroys everything. After getting saved by Iden, in this new mission Battle of Jakku. Jakku is the new location where the entire imperial fleet is marching, Iden plans to attack them.

Battlefront Battle Jakku

Mission 11 The Battle of Jakku Walkthrough

Reach the Distress Beacon:

Reach Distress Beacon

After destroying the ship Admiral Ackbar calls all the Republic Ships to Jakku. Iden and his team plans to attack the fleet. Once you are out and in control of ship you will have to fly to the distress beacon. The ship has three abilities, Droid Repair, Quad Laser Cannon and Proton Torpedo you can use in the fight. once you get the message you will have to shoot down TIE fighters.

Land Your Ship:

After destroying the ships, land and there be a ground mission. The next objective is to Retrieve Binocs. Head to the blue marker, the place is constantly attacked with bombs. Scan for the troopers. You will reach a machine gun on the left, use that to kill the enemies and then get the Binocs.

Destroy the AT-ATs:

Destroy Atats

After having the Binocs you can request for Orbital Strike. Use the Binocs to lock down the Walker ahead. Use the machine gun in the area, for other walkers and stormtroopers who will land from the ship. Destroy the small ones around and then you have to target the second big one. you will be attacked by the walkers and troopers, you have to clear them out and use the Binocs. Using it for multiple times will destroy the walker. Kill the reaming troops in the area.

Regroup With Captain Lindsey:

Once the walkers are destroyed escape the area, and run towards the blue marker for evacuation. Keep running, to the spot and on the right, you will get a turret. More imperial re-enforcement will appear, you have to defend your allies next. Use the machine gun and shoot the troopers till Corvus lands for a final escape.

Defend the Evac Point:

Defend the place so that others can escape, wait for them and keep shooting the troopers. Do not enter the ship, stay down, once the ship is gone, you will be with Shriv.

Reach Your Ship:

Escape Jakku

Get back to your ship, which will trigger an air mission. Your next objective is to fly towards the next marker and destroy the ground defenses. Target the fighter planes, and clear the area, and land your ship on the next marker.

Find the Detonators:

Find Detonators

After landing near the crash ship, look for a crate that will grant you a new weapon. Next move inside, scan the area first, you will spot many storm troopers. The easy way to clear the path is using a sniper class weapon and moving in. after killing the troopers you will see two markers. These are the spots to retrieve the detonators. Collect them.

Reach the Hangar:

Reach The Hangar

Once you get the second Detonator, look towards the crash ship gate, TIE fighters will engage in a fight. take cover and use a grenade launcher to take it down. There is also a gun machine that you can use as soon as the gate opens up.

Plant Detonators:

Plant Detonator

Once you are in, on the right you will see a crashed TIE fighter plane. Plant the first detonator on it and second on the extreme left end. Once done get to your ship. Once you are there will be re-enforcement, you have to fight your way out to reach to the ship. This will be a long fight, scan for the trooper’s location and keep shooting through covers.

Reach the Corvus:

Fly towards the Corvus, there won’t be any fight, you just have to fly towards the ship and there will be a cutscene. This means the mission The Battle of Jakku is over. In the cutscene, you will see the Admiral’s ship attacking Corvus. This will be continued in the next mission Until Ashes Walkthrough. You can refer our Star Wars Battlefront II Wiki for more tips on the game.