Battle Of Endor Walkthrough – Star Wars Battlefront II

After escaping The Invincible Faith in the last chapter, Commander Iden Versio now goes to Endor to fight the Rebellions. In this mission i.e. Battle Of Endor, you will learn a lot about fighting tactics grab new weapons and earn a few new abilities. There is also a TIE Fighter mission in the end. The objectives are simple, you have to take down the Rebel’s Squad on the planet first, and then head to space for your next objective.

Battle of Endor

Mission 2 Battle Of Endor Walkthrough

Eliminate Rebel Squad

Eliminate Rebel Squad:

After landing on the Death Star, you have to kill the Rebel Squads. Go quietly, take down the rebel soldiers in stealth mode. There is a supply crate on the left, it will give you a new ability, Kill stream Vanguard. Here you can customize your loadout, by clicking on Ability Details you can know more about the special abilities you can try out in battle. At the beginning, you will be having Impact Grenade, Scan and Pulse Cannon options. Go through Cards and weapons once to get familiar with the game menu. DLT-19X is a good long-range weapon, high damage rate but slow rate of fire. This is more like a sniper gun. You can shoot down distance enemies through this, use the pulse to get locations of all guards in the area. Don’t use this gun when you are in close range of the enemy. You will see the markers on the screen where you have to reach the scan, you have to eliminate all rebel squad members in the area.

Kill Rebel Reinforcemetn

Eliminate Rebel Reinforcements:

Head to the next marker and you will see a reinforcement group in your path. You can easily kill them using DLT-19X, and with few handful of grenades. Once you are done with regrouping with Meeko.

Barrage Location

Reach Platform 4:

Follow to the next marker, and you will spot rebel squad. After dealing with the first pack of the squad on the right end you will see supply center, you can get a new weapon like Barrage, a launcher to that launches fire explosive shots. There will be next pack of squads ahead. Use the pulse for the location of guards, find a cover position for attack, and do not go in open to fight. You will also get a Rocket Launcher after killing the last enemy.

Eliminate Officers:

In this objective, you will have to target the enemy officer first, take cover behind trees, and attack the squad members.

Secure Platform 4:

On the next marker, you will regroup with your team, interact with the supply box for two new abilities, Flash Grenade and Shield. After equipping proper weapons to head to the next red marker. Scan and you will see a lot of rebellions around the area. Kill them, and secure the platform. A turret will be a tough one to bring down, try to locate and kill the officer. Keep scanning to get locations of enemies, and kill them all. Next, go o the top of the platform.

Secure TIE Fighters for Inferno Squad:

You will spot more rebellions on the top of the platform, kill the rebel officer to destroy the turrets. Next, kill all the remaining rebellions and head to the extraction ship.

Follow Agent Meeko:

After escaping a TIE Fighter mission begins, follow agent Meeko, from the debris. This will be more like a tutorial mission you will learn to control the plane, perform full throttle, etc. Keep following and you will spot the enemy hips. This will offer you info on the ships fighting abilities.

Destroy Y Squadron

Destroy Y-Wing Bomber Squadrons:

Fly around following the red markers, and take down the bombers. Best way to target these ships is to stay at a distance and shoot when the ship is exactly in your corsair. Defend the Corvus is your mission here.

Once you are done defending the Corvus, the chapter ends when Commander Iden Versio is called to retreat. You can read our walkthrough on the next Mission The Dauntless or you can read our Star Wars Battlefront II Wiki for more updates on the game.