Mission 9: Battle of the Bulge Walkthrough – Call of Duty WWII

In the Eight Mission: Hill 493 after losing Turner and failing in the mission, Daniels and his troops will now be part of Pierson’s platoon. In this Ninth Mission The Battle of the Bulge, your objective begins from defending a Convoy. Next, you will be playing an air mission, taking down the enemies to protect the bombers.

Battle of the Bulge Walkthrough - Call of Duty WWII

The Battle of the Bulge Walkthrough (Ardennes Forest, Belgium)

Protect the Convoy

After a cutscene, just deliver the Ammo Box to a soldier. You will be instantly playing a sniping mission here, once the enemy is spotted shoots them down using the sniper rifle. There will be a few of them. After that get back to Pierson. After talking get to the Convoy. It will be attacked, stay back for a while and then head to the marker. Stay in cover for a while in cover and then locate Pierson.

Defend Cpl. Howard

Follow the troops, and help Howard to get the radio. Once he has the radio cover him in the house. There will be a lot of enemies coming up from the north, you can shoot them from the broken wooden wall. There are ammunitions in the house.

Call for Air Support

After a while get to the radio and call for Air support. This will trigger an air mission. Fly with other planes, towards the target. Highlight the enemy planes and lock on them. You will have to protect the bombers here. Locking is an important part here, once you have the plane locked you can fly around it and shoot it down. Once all the planes are destroyed, move ahead, and you will spot a few more enemies plane. This is the second phase of air mission. Once you reach the target area, follow a plane ahead of you. You will be back into battle.

Retreat to the Front Lines

Escape towards the front line, avoid running in open you have to take cover around, you will find a machine gun, use that to slow down the enemy, then keep moving ahead and defend the tanks.

Hold the Line

You will have to hold the line for a while, there will be smoke bombs ahead and a fleet of the enemy will appear from that. You will have to shoot them. You can spot the soldiers as they came out of the smoke. You will require first aid here, after a while the air support will arrive that will destroy the enemies. You can take down the remaining one. Call for an airstrike by throwing the red flash and the air support will arrive back again. Throw the flash grenades near the tanks once done talk to Pierson. He will call the air strike, you will have to follow Zussman then. Keep running. After getting cover, shoot down the enemies with a revolver.

After the airstrike where you will find yourself in the attack area there will be a cutscene. Hopefully, everyone will survive. This mission ends here. You can read our walkthrough on the next Mission Ambush. Do check our Call of Duty: WWII Wiki guide for more tips and updates on the game.