Star Wars Battlefront 2 Cheat to Earn More Battle Points

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront 2 players who pre-ordered the game have already had their hands-on and testing all new Battlefront. The Star Wars Battlefront is unique with weapons, class, skills and more, but to improve them you need to gather Battle Points. And here we are to give you the best tips and tricks that can boost up your Battle Points. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Basic info.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

How to Earn Battle Points Basics

As we all know that the Battle points are earned by either by defeating enemies, supporting teammates and most importantly completing objectives. So before we go to the advanced mode you must learn to game mechanics and get used to it. Starting with exploring the new Map and controls settings. So everyone has their own skill to handle the player, get yourself comfortable with the controls and movements. Go to setting and you will see a dedicated tab for the controls – Adjust accordingly.

Now explore the Map and know where do enemies spawn, what is their weak spots and other safe places. You will also encounter Crates during the battle which can offer you Booster Cards(Bold). Be very wise while using them as they will help you upgrade the combat effectiveness of your soldier. Once you acquire them do check it and know when to use it.

How to earn Battle Points Advance

All the Battle Points you earn in Battlefront 2 are spent on reinforcements. A simple trick would be using your shield and soak all the damage with a Heavy class and get more Points. All you need to do is get a right setup of your reinforcements so make sure your basics are clear before getting to the advanced mode. Sometimes when you are losing try to watch and learn how your enemies are using their reinforcements. This is how I learned and turned out to a game changer for now.

Just like we said that you need to make your basic strong so experiment with all the weapon modes shields and everything you get on the battlefield. Try to upgrade your weapons instead of just upgrading your classes. The Second best trick to earn more Battle Points is be completing the objective. Each map has an objective to make them your priority along with understanding your enemies moves and earn Battle Points with ease.

The Final Trick to earn Battle Points in Battlefront 2 would be choosing which type of fighter are you? Are you the one who likes the space combat or sticking to the ground is better? Fighting in Starfighter Assault Mode is altogether a different experience. If you are the Space Combat player then try focusing on staying close to your units and drill down all the enemies on the planet. Don’t forget your objective as you are very well aware of your enemies movements so this will be just a piece of cake for you.

Try having fun while you are exploring and let us know if you encounter some new tricks. Also, check our Star Wars Battlefront 2 Wiki to the best Hacks and Tricks of the game.