BattleBorn: Beginners Tips and Tricks Guide

Battleborn is a First Person Team Shooter from Gearbox Software, the same developer who had brought us the Borderlands 2. The Game Features Different game Modes, Character, Leveling up and collectibles which are mostly counted as gears. In this guide we will be explaining the Game Mechanics, how do they work and how a Beginner should be playing like a Pro.

Tips and Tricks

Beginners Tips and Trick

Before we begin with the Actual Tips and Tricks we want you to know how the game works and what all is included in BattleBorn. There is a Co-op campaign that you can play wit h4 other players along with some multiplayer versus modes. The game features 25 different heroes as of now and the player must select the character first and fast before you teammates pick up.

Basics and Game Mechanics

Multiplayer Modes

There are 3 different Multiplayer Mode(excluding the Story) where you will have ally and enemy including minions to help in each team. You must focus on taking down the enemy Minion first as they are the one required to win the game. Here are the Three Different Multiplayer Modes:

  • Incursion – You must Destroy Enemy Sentries. Here you will deal with tons damages so make sure you use Minion as your Shield.
  • Meltdown – You must sacrifice Minions at the Specific location and for that you need to destroy enemy minion on your path.
  • Capture Maps – You must capture enemy collector and protect your own Collector at the same time.


There are 25 various characters in the game so far and you must play matches with these characters in order to increase the Command Rank. You must level up different characters individually as higher the Command ranks the more access you will get to play more characters and other features like Taunt. Check our Guide to unlock all 25 Characters and Taunts.

Helix Upgrades and Lore

Helix is where you will upgrade you character skills every match which will give you access to 2 Upgrade choices. The Mutation unlocks when the character reaches level 3,5,7 and so one, this will add a 3rd Helix upgrade option while you still be selecting one. Coming to Lore, it provides you character with cosmetics and gear, but you must unlock it by complete certain Challenges.

Gear and Legendary Gears

As you get to Command Level 3 you will have access to the Gear Loadout. These Loadouts carry 3 pieces of gear which also includes bonuses, affect skills for you character. Unlock more Loadouts as you level up and to Level Up faster you must check the below Tips and Tricks for BattleBorn.

Tips and Tricks

Know your Character

Before we begin with the actual game you must figure out what character suits you and your playing style. Every character has got the Helix tree, abilities and other info which shows what to expect from this character and help you to understand how to act during the battle.

Play the Story Mode

Story Mode will take you to different locations, enemies and Boss Fights. Exploring the new area and adjusting to new area mechanics will help you adapt and know everything how each character works, their strengths and weakness.

Practice makes it Perfect

After Exploring different maps and their enemies you are now aware of their attacks and defense so you must practice in the same area and make sure you have got the idea on how to take them instantly. As there is no Tutorial here you have to rely on your Skills.

Complete Your Objectives

Every Episode in Story Mode or in Multiplayer Mode the player has some objective to complete. In Story Mode, you must follow the yellow diamond to know your next objectives. Taking down your enemies works great, but if you manage to focus more on Objectives will give you faster Win.

Friends To Play

The Gameplay gets more exciting as you play with friends. This will help you to learn some of his moves and you can practice for more Multiplayer battles. Nobody likes to play alone and silent, you must also master and get good communication is equally important in every Battle. To Open the Chat, Go to Options, then check the ‘Push-to-Talk’ option in your Controls section. Use Them.

Gear Loadout Testing

As you unlock new gear, you must try if it fits your playstyle or try some new things which will really suit you. With a Best Gear Loadout, you must always know which battle to play, what you must activate and pay every next Move. If you thin you are ready then give it a shot, even if you lose you will learn and take then the second time.

Remove and Sell Useless Gear

Every Gear has some value and you must remove and sell them you aren’t using them during the battle. To Sell the gear go to Gear Tab from the Command Menu and from there you are free to sell. You can also purchase some new packs this the money you just got by selling the Gears.

Locking the Radar Rotation

During the Multiplayer battles, you will always overwhelm to fix the Radar to Point North. This is possible if you go to Options, then in Gameplay Select the option ‘ON’ to Lock the ‘Combat Radar Rotation’.

Most Important is The Minimap

Be it in Story Mode or Multiplayer Battle you must keep an eye on the Minimap to know what’s going on nearby. You can also locate the Giant Shard Cluster, enemies moving on the map. You can use it to highlight the sentries, minion chompers, super minions and so on. Try Expanding the mini map to watch it even close.