Battleborn: Factions Wiki Guide

In Battleborn the heroes are divided into five different factions and these factions have a different goal, approach, but they will have to work together in order to protect the remaining Stars and Solus by taking down the Evil Varelsi. This guide will show you different factions, their goal, and Members.

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BattleBorn Factions

As we mentioned there are 5 Factions – The Eldrid, The Jennerit Imperium, The Last Light Consortium, United Peacekeeping Republics and The Rogues. You must try to solve the differences and get them together to get ready and fight against the common enemy called Varelsi. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Factions.

The Eldrid

This Faction is very Old and they have been observing the Universe and their knowledge archives. They are known as the protectors of the Cosmological order. The Eldrid Members do not like Varelsi and Jennerit as they shun the rules of space-time, but being the peaceful faction they generally avoid getting into wars and would happily accept anybody who wants to help their cause.

  • Goal – Want to maintain Peace within the Universe
  • Eldrid Members:
    • Alani
    • Boldur
    • Kelvin
    • Mellka
    • Miko
    • Thorn

The Jennerit Imperium

This Faction comes from the Planet of Tempist known as the Jennerit Empire. The Power of this faction members are held by the Elite Class known as the Sustained who are Immortal(can be killed by combat). The mighty Jennerit Imperium once led the fight against the Varelsi, forging alliances with the other factions to save the stars from the void.

  • Goal – Remain the Strongest Military Forces(Elite) in Solus
  • Jennerit Members:
    • Ambra
    • Attikus
    • Caldarius
    • Deande
    • Rath

Last Light Consortium

This Faction is a Collection of the Cybernetic who owns the Minion Robots and the Largest Manufacturer in the Battleborn. They usually produce and sell the weapons to the other factions regardless of which type your belong, all they want is to make money and profit.

  • Goal – War Profiteers, mostly Look out to make more Money off the War.
  • Consortium Members:
    • El Dragon
    • ISIC
    • Kleese
    • Marquis
    • Phoebe

The United Peacekeeping Republic

The United Peacekeeping Republic faction is mostly known as the Peacekeepers and they are born to save and protect the Solus from the Invaders. They are the Faction who rely on the Weapons more than the other faction.

  • Goal – Born To Protect the Solus
  • Peacekeeper Members:
    • Benedict
    • Galilea
    • Montana
    • Oscar Mike
    • Trevor Ghalt

The Rogues

This is the only faction which is not counted as a Faction in BattleBorn. They don’t have any official command or work or anything that they do. They are a Mixture of Pirates, Salvagers, and Smugglers who have the common goal is to Live as they want to.

  • Goal – Live at Solus
  • Rogue Members:
    • Orendi
    • Reyna
    • Shayne & Aurox
    • Toby
    • Whiskey Foxtrot