Battleborn: How to Deal with Melee Characters Tips Guide

In Battleborn, there are 25 various characters with unique ways to attack. Recently we have seen there are players complaining about how to deal with the character who are using melee attacks during Online play, so we decided to make a dedicated guide provide you some Pro tips to deal with Melee Characters/heroes in Battleborn.

How to Deal with Melee Characters

How to Deal with Melee Characters

So you too are getting killed over and over again with some Melee Character Online? This won’t be a problem once you have understood How the Melee Mechanics works. Hopefully, this guide helps you back on track and take them all once and for all. Melee Attacks deal with more DPS then the range attacks and this is we will be asking you to maintain a distance while you are going 1v1 battle. Here are the Best Tricks you can to Win the battle.

Sprint Away

This is what you must be doing against the Melee Heros but there is a trick on when and how to Sprint. Once the Opponent charges you must run and let him chase you as they can only hit you with CC, so let him chase you and take him to your area where you and your team can drill him down. This Tactic is useless against Galilea as she can attack while sprinting.

Minimaps are Saviours

If you are a Lone Wolf in MOBA then you will have to face the fact that somewhere or the other you are going to get caught and punished. Minimap here come very handily where you must make a good note on where the enemies are often hunted and how to take them within you teammates range.

Attack Mode

It’s time to show them how your character can attack, you must start using your Melee attacks. The Range Attack Heros have short but very quick melee attacks, using this will help you trade some good damage and quickly shift to the shooting skills. This will not only lower his DPS but also avoid him getting much closer.

Defense Mode

After a Good attack, you must get back to defend yourself with the Opponents CC which will be more aggressive after our attacks. If you know Stuns they are the most powerful in the game, therefore, we will ask you to save your CC abilities until your opponent is charged for his attacks. Attack the opponent with stun which will change the match’s outcome and you will have an ultimate Win.

It’s Ok to Lose

The Trick which we have provided are for the players who will try and make it perfect. All you need is to do is time perfectly, it’s ok if you go out of Position, you must take it easy and act according to your team position(Backup). Giving up a Kill is easy than driving one.