Battleborn: How to Equip the Preorder Skin Bonus Guide

Players get ready to explore the extra free character skins for your Heros in Battleborn. Those who have pre-ordered the game then you will receive the free character skins as Bonus. This Guide will show you how to equip the Preorder Skin to your character.

Preorder Skin Bonus

The Players who have got the Standard edition will also get Golden Skin from the Founder Pack while the Deluxe Edits players will get Golden Skins along with Cyber Skin pack. The Problem is many of them will not know how to equip these Skins on the Heros, so let’s get started with.

How to Equip the Preorder Skin Bonus

Step 1:

Start the Game and Complete the Prologue Mission

Step 2:

From the Main Menu Select the ‘Command’ Tab

Step 3:

Select a Character

Step 4:

Switch to the Appearance Tab(RT/R2)

Step 5:

Select the Skin you want to Equip

Step 6:

You have successfully applied New Skin

Check out the Video below for the Golden Skin Bonus Pack – Standard Edition Preorder Bonus.