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Battlefield 1, the fifteenth main entry in the hit Battlefield video game franchise, is all set to launch worldwide on October 21. The events in the game are set during the period of World War I and are inspired by historic events. Battlefield 1 also has a campaign mode featuring open world environments as compared to the previous installments in the franchise.

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Players will have complete freedom on how they want to finish the levels and approach combat. In the campaign mode, Battlefield 1 players will take on the role of several characters. The prolog mission does not support checkpoint feature, once the player dies they take control of another soldier instead of starting from the checkpoint. Also, when a soldier dies, a birth year appears on the screen of a real soldier.

Battlefield 1 multiplayer portion supports up to 64 players. For the first time in the franchise history, a new squad system has been introduced allowing players to access game servers at once. All the multiplayer maps available in the game is based on the real-life locations around the globe, and it includes Arabia, Western Front, and The Alps. At launch, players will have access to 9 multiplayer maps and 6 gameplay modes. This is a short glimpse of Battlefield 1, now let us take a look at our full Battlefield 1 Wiki for complete campaign walkthrough, tips and tricks, collectibles location, and many other things.

Campaign Walkthrough

Episode 0 : Prologue

Episode 1 : Friends in High Places

Episode 2 : Nothing is Written

Episode 3 : Through Mud and Blood

Episode 4 : Avanti Savoia!

Episode 5 : The Runner

Episode 6 : Epilogue

  • Remember Us – A Final Video from Battlefield Developers

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