Battlefield Hardline: Fix for MSVCP110.dll Error, Hardline Battlelog, Cant download game, Game not in library

There was no news about the Battlefield Hardline and suddenly they drop a huge bomb that Battlefield Hardline beta is now available. Having said that and since this is a beta version, there are a few errors in the game like any other. These include missing MSVCP110.dll Error, downloaded game is not working, Hardline Battlelognot accessible etc.

Battlefield Hardline

So here is a quick guide to overcome few of these issues easily, go through the list below:

  1. Missing MSVCP110.dll Error
  2. Not able to access Hardline Battlelog
  3. ​​Cant download Battlefield Hardline
  4. Downloaded game is not working
  5. Game not in the library

Missing MSVCP110.dll Error

Update your graphics and DirectX drivers. Then check for the latest redistributable, for that search for vcredist_x64 or vcredist_x86 for 64 and 32 bit systems respectively in the Battlefield Hardline Beta folder. Reinstall when you find the redistributable.

Not able to access Hardline Battlelog

​Right click on Battlefield Hardline and select “View Game Details”. Now copy the product code and go to “Redeem product code” from the menu. Punch in teh code you have just copied and let it activate. Now simply log out of the Battlelog and login again.

Cant download Battlefield Hardline

The very first things to do is disable your anti-virus software and firewall, be sure that only the game download is in progress and not any of the unreliable sites. If download fails, be patient and restart. Since its been only a little amount of time that the game was announced, many gamers are excited and want to lay their hands on Battlefield Hardline.

Downloaded game is not working

Set origin to go offline ad restart Battlefield Hardline.

Game not in the library

Go to Origin > Account Privacy > Order History

If you see Battlefield Hardline here, you need not worry, but if you don’t, then all you have to do is click refresh continuously till the games is visible. Click refresh 30-35 times and it should show up.

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