7 Pro Tips You Should Know Before Playing Middle Earth Shadow of War

Middle-Earth Shadow of War

Mordor is the region of Middle-earth in which Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor takes place. Shadow of War begins at the Black Gate of Mordor and you play as Talion(human ranger). This guide will give provide you spoiler-free tricks to understand the game mechanics from the very start.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War

How to Walk into Mordor like a Pro Tips

Once taken control over the Talion, that player has very little crowd control and thus can easily take over as many orcs as you can. Starting with Fire pits, grog barrels, and Elven might. Make sure you don’t avoid them. As a beginner the game goes easy and here is where you need to learn to time your counter, understanding the upgrades, skills, and exploration.

You don’t have to buy the skills as each Upgrade is Level Locked. So try to unlock the skill keeping the row of the Talion in mind. For the Mounting skill, you must first learn to ride Caragors to unlock the Graugs ride. For the Combat part, we recommend prioritizing the Combat Drain in the beginning so that you can acquire health by draining enemy Orc’s health. You do not gain experience for killing grunts or beasts. You can use the beast as a second health bar if you manage to counter attacks from the back of a Caragor.

Note: Unlike Shadow of Mordor, you don’t regain health by Magical Health Herbs.

Destroy gear that you don’t need for Mirian. Spend all of your early game Mirian very carefully and not in unlocking the gem slots for your gear. It hardly costs you 1000 apiece. Similarly, make sure you unlock all the skills first before upgrades according to the level. To Fasten this process, start completing the story and Celebrimbor quests, unlocking all the towers and memories in a region.

Try draining the rats nearby as they spawn super fast and give you as much health back as draining an Orc. With extra gems, the player should combine the ones you aren’t using. Once you get an upgrade, break down your old piece of gear, but the catch here is that all the higher level gear does not now always have higher damage.

Prioritize foes in a big fight as you only gain XP for quests and captains. Pesky defender captains can be vaulted can be followed up with a stun. When you see a captain who uses straight sword swings try to counter it very carefully as they tend to damage more. The player can easily compare captain’s strengths before combat, but the weaknesses are hidden.

Ologs are your best friend so make sure you repeatedly die to grunt Ologs and then recruit them once they are promoted to Captain. Bruz, on the other hand, is far more sneaky and greatest ranger in Mordor than Talions. Ologs are very good in the pits and have the same attack pattern. The player must unlock the ability which sends Orcs to fight in a 1 on 1 fight in the pits. Don’t have to worry if your Orc or the opposing Orc dies in the fighting pit, you still get the gear that drops. Graugs, Drakes, Ologs, and Caragors can be executed. So all you need to do is aim an arrow to the head, or stun prompt then mount your beast destroy everything you want.

Find those worms and Kill them asap as you learn their weaknesses. We once encountered a worm who had vault breaker then uses trap then feral lunge. Worms always flee so just get in range and dominate with stealth. You can and must build glaive attacks on multiple foes. Similarly, a worthless skill like Bird of Prey comes pretty handily to snipe enemies in a group. This does not reveal your current position.

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