5 Best Airdrops Loot Tips – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PUBG Karakin map

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is a competitive game, as you land you have no gears or weapons. Airdrops are the best possible option to get good quality supply or you can hunt down other players and loot from them. When there is an airdrops almost every players knows and they all run towards to get their hands first on it. In this guide, you will get some essential tips on looting the Airdrops. One thing you will have to know that if you are not able to reach the airdrops first, avoid going there. If you are the first one to get the loot then escape the place as soon as possible and camp at a safe location, now you have a clear path to kill the approaching players.

PUBG Airdrop Tips

5 Best Airdrops Loot Tips

There are chances that you might get two boxes sometime, so you can divert to the nearest one, but this does not happens every time.

High Risk But Good Rewards

Airdrops means very high chance of getting killed. There is a 90% possibility of getting the attack when you try to loot. Airdrops offer you advance weaponry and every player knows this. There are maximum chances to get the high amount of ammos, cloth-like Ghillie Suit, etc. So players really swarm around the drop area. Sniper is your best friend here. Don’t expose yourself much, stay lean. Try to be in cover and use a good quality headphone for noticing opponents sound.

PUBG Airdop Inventory

Empty Your Inventory

If you had decided to run towards the Airdrop then first do not forget to throw up not required items from your inventory. This will make some room for the new items.

PUBG Airdrop Wheels

Bee On Wheels Not On Foot

Always use a vehicle when you are heading towards the loot, this will give you an extra protection. You drive straight towards the box and you can also pot others around. The max time you got to get your loot is less than 5 seconds. Try to take everything you can get, without checking them, and then drive away from there. You will have enough time later to analyze what you got. Having a vehicle will speed up your escaping.

PUBG Airdrop Supplybox

Catching The Supply Box

It is possible to catch the supply box on your vehicle but this does not work all the time. When the airplane drops the box, try to drive below it and you can catch the box on the roof of the vehicle and drive off with it. This is entirely depends on your timing.

Possible things you can find in Airdop

It is possible to get weapons like AWM, M24, Mk14 EBR, M249, OTs-14 Groza or AUG A3. It is rare to get Kar98k. Other than weapons you can get weapon mods like scope, suppressors, etc. You can also get clothing and equipment like the helmet, vest, backpack, etc. Consumables are also in the loot box like syringes and medical kit.

So keep an eye on the airplane, the supply box drops slowly, you will have ample of time to reach near if you are not too far. You will be lucky if the box drops near you, you will be first to have the supplies, you can always camp the area to kill the players around and get more items.