Which Is The Best Birthplace And Their Stats – FFXV Comrades

Picking the right Birthplace in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades plays a very Vital role, as it will affect the Character in the long-run. You will have the option to chose from Four Birthplaces: Galahd, Insomnia, Lestallum, and Altissia, right after you arrive at the Town. All Four of these Birthplaces have their own Stats and Plus Points. In this Final Fantasy XV Comrades Birthplace guide, we have mentioned Which Birthplace You Must Select at the start and why. So let’s start the guide, without wasting any time.

FFXV Birthplace Stats Libertus

Birthplace – Which One To Select And Why

As you get to the Very First outpost of Lestallum in the start of FFXV Comrades, you will come to a point where you will have a conversation with Libertus. You will be handed with a pair of a dagger by him and 4 Birthplace options to choose from, Galahd, Insomnia, Lestallum, and Altissia.

You can select any one of them and then see their stats and some information on them and then confirm. Make sure that you chose very wisely as this will affect your character in long run. These birthplaces also make an impact on your Stats and Starting build as well. These Impacts varies from physical attack, vitality physical defense, magic – magical damage, and spirt. Below we have mentioned all the 4 Birthplaces along with their Stats.

All 4 Birthplace And Their Stats

Galahd Birtthplace: Birthplace of many offensive specialists, blessed with high power and magic.

  • Belongs To – Offensive Specialists
  • Benefits – High Power and Magic
  • Best use – Combat Skills and Offensive Spells

Birthplace Galahd Birthplace Galahd Stats


  • HP= 480
  • MP=55
  • Strength= 24
  • Vitality= 22
  • Magic= 53
  • Spirit= 40

Insomnia Birthplace: Birthplace of many spellcasting specialists, blessed with high magic and max MP.

  • Belongs To – Magical Specialists
  • Benefits – High of Magic and MP
  • Best use – Spellcasting

Birthplace Insomnia Birthplace Insomnia Stats


  • HP= 432
  • MP= 60
  • Strength= 19
  • Vitality= 22
  • Magic= 57
  • Spirit= 40

Lestallum Birthplace: Birthplace of many all-out attackers, blessed with high power and max HP.

  • Belongs To – Aggressive class
  • Benefits – High Power and Max HP
  • Best use – Melee attacks

Birthplace Lestallum Birthplace Lestallum Stats


  • HP= 528
  • MP= 49
  • Strength= 26
  • Vitality= 22
  • Magic= 38
  • Spirit= 40

Altissia Birthplace: Birthplace of many resilient folks, blessed with high vitality, spirit, and max HP.

  • Belongs To – Tank Class
  • Benefits – High Vitality, Spirit and Max HP
  • Best use – An allrounder class

Birthplace Altissa Birthplace Altissa Stats


  • HP= 504
  • MP= 55
  • Strength= 22
  • Vitality= 24
  • Magic= 48
  • Spirit= 44

Note: The Stats Provided in the pictures are the ones that you get at the start of the game, they will increase as you make progress in the game and upgrade your weapon. Some item will even lower your stats instead of increasing them so be careful. You will be able to check your stats at any given time in the game – all you need to do is go to In-Game menu and then select Gear option.

Which Birthplace You Should Select

We have provided details about all the 4 birthplace, their pros and cons, and stats. It’s all up to your playstyle – you should go for the birthplace that suits your playstyle the best. So go through the Stats of all birthplace, their pros, and cons and decide which one is going to suit you the best.

So that was all for all the Four Birthplace in Final Fantasy XV Comrades. Hope this information was helpful to you and do let us know which Birthplace did you chose in the comment section below. Till then do refer to our other guide on FFXV Comrades Outfits Location, How To Change And Unlock Them.