Best Choices and Butterfly Effect in Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a game that deals heavily in player choice and the concept of the in-game Butterfly Effect. This refers to the fact that everything you choose to do in the game can impact not only the character that makes the choice, but also the people around them. In fact, the game is so complex that, often, you won’t know if you’re making the best choices until it’s too late.

Today, I’m going to outline a few of the key moments in the game that have a drastic impact on whether your story ends in a positive or negative way. Because there are thousands of combinations for how things can turn out, I can’t cover them all, but I can point you in the right direction.

Rats with Bushy Tails

A common theme throughout the early part of the game is that players can choose to harm various wildlife, or they can leave it alone. If you’re hoping for a positive ending and less nonsense thrown your way, leaving nature be is the way to go. Whether it’s Chris not shooting the squirrel, Jessica not throwing the snowball at the bird, or Matt not killing the deer, not harming or disrupting wildlife is one of the best choices you can make in Until Dawn.

Who Gets the Gun

When Emily and Matt find the Flare Gun, have Emily keep it and not fire it. Matt can live without the Flare Gun so long as he Jumps to Safety when Emily is about to fall, and Emily can use the Flare Gun in the later chapters to avoid being bitten by the Wendigo. While the Wendigo bite doesn’t kill Emily, it puts both her and Ashley at risk. Something as simple as keeping a Flare Gun in an early chapter still has consequences at the finale of the game in Chapter 10.

Point Blank

This Butterfly Effect takes place when Chris and Ashley are strapped to the chairs with the saw coming down on their heads. Chris has one free hand and the gun, and must choose to either shoot himself, shoot Ashley, or do nothing. Shooting Ashley is the only wrong choice here, but if you really want to be the hero, having Chris shoot himself is one of the best choices in the game.

Left Behind

This Butterfly Effect takes place in Chapter 9, and can lead to the deaths of two characters, Ashley and Chris. To navigate through this and keep both characters alive, make sure that Ashley does not let Chris stay behind before the gang goes into the tunnels. Once in the tunnels, Ashley needs to ignore the voice she hears and rejoin the group. If you play around with some of these choices, there is a good chance that you will lose one or both characters in short succession.

Important Discovery

For players that are eager to save all characters in Until Dawn, the Important Discovery Butterfly Effect is the only way to decide if Josh lives or dies. To keep Josh alive, Sam must find Hannah’s diary in the mines. It’s located just left of the water wheel, and players can grab it after they jump in the water by heading to the left and climbing up on the ledge. Interact with the diary on the ground, reading every page of it to make sure Josh’s life is spared.

If you’re looking to go into more detail about the deaths of each character, we have a full guide on how to kill or save every character in Until Dawn.