Best Fallout New Vegas sex mods

Spice up the strip with these salacious NSFW mods

Image via Obsidian Entertainment and Bethesda Softworks

To fully immerse yourself in the freedom of an open-world adventure, some players just need to take a walk on the wild side, especially in the debauched setting of a post-apocalyptic sin city. If you’re looking for a way to add more adult content to your Fallout: New Vegas build, check out these cornerstones of digital smut.

The Foundation: Sexout

Sexout is a community project from the naughty folks over at Loverslab, which is the premier location for adult and NSFW mods on the internet (they are especially well known as a source for modding The Sims). Sexout is a sprawling collection of gameplay modifications designed to insert a vast array of sexual situations into the gameplay of Fallout: New Vegas, running from the vanilla to the taboo. A content warning definitely applies here: the content of Sexout includes a number of fetishes that can be mortifying or triggering to some, with the only restriction being that mods which feature implied or explicit pedophilia will never be included in Sexout. With that in mind, one of the best parts of Sexout is the ability to pick and choose what kinds of scenarios you want in your gameplay, so that you can tailor your game to be just right for you and your needs.

Another advantage of using Sexout is that, because it is a community project, there is always new content being added, and there are many people who are eager to help troubleshoot or brainstorm ways to perfect your experience.

In the FAQ section of Sexout, the team recommends a number of texture and model replacement mods. We suggest following their advice for the best results.

The Key Ingrediant: CBBE Bodyslide

Aside from the textures and model replacements recommended by the Sexout team, we also advise using CBBE Bodyslide, which is a framework for improving the animations present in Fallout New Vegas. With CBBE Bodyslide installed, any other compatible mods will have a more natural movement, and it will be possible to act out a greater number of scenarios without the restrictions of Fallout New Vegas’ limited animations.

As with any mods, be sure to read carefully and follow installation protocols to a T, because this mod can easily break your game if installed incorrectly.

For Advanced Users: NV Compatibility Skeleton

A last note is that, for advanced users who still haven’t gotten what they need out of Sexout and Bodyslide alone, we recommend The New Vegas Compatibility Skeleton, a project that builds on the improvements made by CBBE Bodyslide and takes them further, giving modders, especially mod developers, more tools to tailor the animations and features of Fallout: New Vegas to bring any fantasy to life.